Identify students in need of learning support in your school or district


Collaborate on surveys to determine the root of each student’s challenges


Meet challenges head-on with research-backed interventions


Create actionable plans and share progress with staff & family

Branching Minds is an excellent resource that is effective in helping interventionists, classroom teachers, and administrators work smarter, not harder!
— Rebecca Yellets, Supervisor of Specialized Instruction, Prince William County Schools (VA)

Less teacher time,
better student outcomes.

  • Eliminate unnecessary SpEd referrals

  • Comply with state guidelines

  • Reduce meeting and prep time

  • Engage teaching staff and families

  • Spend less time with DIY or paper trackers

  • Visualize student outcomes


NWEA MAP scores after 1.5 years


Demonstrated Improvement

Student universal screener scores showed marked improvement in a school piloting Branching Minds vs a school without the pilot.


Not just a technology provider—we help improve school culture.

Getting  stakeholder buy-in and successfully rolling out a new program often requires a cultural shift inside a school—we’re here to support you from the beginning. 

We assess current practices, make recommendations for improvement, set up trainings and workshops, and monitor teacher usage to make sure you’re getting the best results for your students.


Grants & Funding

Numerous federal, state and local grants can support the purchase and rollout of Branching Minds in your school or district. Learn more about these funding opportunities and how they align with Branching Minds.


Awards & Recognition

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