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Looking for a free, evidence-based, reading intervention for secondary students?

Intervention Spotlight, ELA

Branching Minds is constantly updating our library of 1000s of evidence-based programs, strategies, activities, tools, and resources to help teachers find the right support for each student across both academic and behavioral domains. We are excited to spotlight one of those free evidence based interventions for you here: Strategic Adolescent Reading Intervention (STARI)

Special considerations for English Language Learners within RTI/MTSS

Intervention Spotlight, RTI/MTSS, ELA

The term English Language Learners (ELLs) refers to students whose first language is not English, and encompasses both students who are just beginning to learn English (often referred to in federal legislation as "limited English proficient" or "LEP") and those who have already developed considerable proficiency. The term underscores the fact that, in addition to meeting all the academic challenges that face their monolingual peers, these students are mastering another language. Branching Minds takes students’ ELL level into account when collecting the Branching Minds Insight Survey, as well as recommending interventions and accommodations matched to their needs.