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    MTSS Implementation Fidelity Reference Guide


    The Branching Minds team has the great privilege of working with districts across the country to support, improve and implement RTI/MTSS. Some of the questions that we get asked the most by school and district leadership teams are “How do we know if we are doing it right?” “How do we know we are implementing this with fidelity?” “Are we making progress in our implementation? What should we do next?”

    RTI/MTSS fidelity assessments review the most critical features of RTI/MTSS school-wide practices and help identify the critical missing steps to inform what schools should do as next steps.

    Use this RTI/MTSS Implementation Fidelity Reference Guide to keep figure out where your school is at in its implementation, and keep track of your infrastructural growth towards fidelity. Fill out the form to download your copy.


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