• Branching Minds is an excellent resource that is effective in helping interventionists, classroom teachers, and administrators work smarter, not harder!
    — Rebecca Yellets, Supervisor of Specialized Instruction, Prince William County Schools (VA)
  • Branching Minds is the only product of its kind. It’s the first product that allows us to house everything we do in one place!
    — Rike Frangos, School Psychologist and RTI Coordinator, Oak Park Elementary School District 97 (IL)
  • Branching Minds’ innovative approach personalizes and individualizes effective interventions to meet the needs of every child.
    — Dr. Jill Gildea, Superintendent, Fremont School District 79 (IL)
  • Branching Minds multiplies our capacity to identify and respond to student needs.
    — Sarah Guerrero, Principal, Northbrook Middle School, Spring Branch ISD (TX)
  • As an elementary principal, it’s important for teachers to feel ownership when bringing in a new technology. With Branching Minds, not only is there 'buy in', but fast 'buy in'!
    — Cindy Crowe-Miller, Principal, Dale City Elementary School, Prince William County Schools (VA)


Keep track and easily record all the work needed to support each student in one central location.

Intervention Teams

Ensure fidelity by coordinating and collaborating on the intervention process.


Observe a micro- and macro- view of the intervention system at the school and district level.

Awards & Recognition


What is Branching Minds?

A web application that combines learning science + technology to streamline, focus, and personalize intervention.

Preliminary Outcomes of a Cloud-Based RTI/MTSS Program

The Science Behind Branching Minds


Covering K-8 literacy, math, and behavior. Differentiated for ELLs.


Match interventions to the individual needs of struggling students


Figure out why students are struggling

  • Quick and collaborative survey based on teacher observations, and relevant education research
  • Covers Literacy, Math, and Behavior for grades K-8
  • Fully differentiated for ELL students

Understand each students' learning and behavior needs

  • Identify key challenge areas to target your support and differentiate interventions
  • Use students’ strengths to develop self-esteem and work-around challenges

Find the best response

  • Match students’ challenges to curated & customizable, evidence-based instructional supports, including: strategies, activities, apps, games, tools, & programs

  • Search a clearinghouse of thousands of supports and interventions for use at home or in the classroom, and filter by RTI tier, grade level, ELL status, and more


Create Intervention Plans and Monitor Student Progress Collaboratively


Create Intervention Plans as a Team

  • Create intervention plans—independently or collaboratively
  • All plans are accessible to any teacher/staff who works with a student
  • Plan data and corresponding student growth data are archived from year to year

Monitor plan implementation fidelity

  • Keep track of completed and uncompleted intervention work for each student
  • See the fidelity of intervention delivery when evaluating student growth 
  • Assign intervention work to colleagues including: recording student observations and goals; delivery of interventions, benchmarks and progress monitoring; meeting notes, and family communication

Monitor and report on student progress

  • Collect and synthesize RTI data in a sharable report to document teachers’ efforts alongside student outcomes, and use as a referral to initiate and manage the RTI process
  • Promote collaboration and communication among teachers, administrators, students, and families

Assess the health of your current intervention system


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