Ditch the bias. Revolutionize & streamline your students' support with social, emotional, and behavioral (SEB) screening.

Universal Social-Emotional and Behavioral Screening_ Using Data to Guide Decision-Making-min (2)

Some schools are still stuck leaning heavily on teacher referrals. This can mean lost time, missed students, and sometimes even unintentional biases. It's high time we shift towards a more inclusive, data-driven approach

Utilizing universal screening to understand your students' social, emotional, and behavioral (SEB) needs can be a game-changer in providing them with the right support

Written by an Applied Developmental Psychologist, this guide will help you to:

  Effectively implement universal screening for SEB competencies.
Leverage your screening data to improve support for all students.
Identify your students needing additional support, ensuring no one falls through the cracks...and more!

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