Growing as Quick as We Can

There’s a fire in our bellies to help as many kids as we can. Our solution is already used in 11 states by over 10,000+ teachers, principals, guidance counselors, to support over 350,000 students, and we are growing at 2-3X year over year.

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Improving Outcomes for ALL Learners

Our mission is to help improve outcomes for all kids—we have already demonstrated that students supported by Branching Minds showed statistically significant improvement in reading and math!

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Walking the Walk as a Certified B Corporation

Branching Minds is as thoughtful about our business as the services we provide. B Corps are to business what USDA Organic certification is to milk.

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I wanna give everyone a shoutout today—you are all AWESOME! I have never worked with a company like yours, please don’t change—you are doing something amazing! You are helping us move our district forward, but more importantly you are helping us help our kids.
— Pennie Graeber, RTI Director at Waco Independent School District

We work hard.

We play hard.

We drive fast mini vans (and bikes).

We eat all the food and drink all the drinks.

We play with our kids and we play like we’re kids.

We are making the world better.

We are the best kinds of nerds.

We are Branching Minds.

I love my job. I love working with a group of people that really care about what they do—both in terms of helping others and in terms of working hard to do the best job possible.


Our Culture in Our Own Words:

Independent, Relaxed, Ownership, Flexibility, Always Learning, Casual, Adaptable, “Best Idea Wins,” Passionate, Dedicated, Very Capable/Competent, Efficient, Communicative, Welcoming, Caring, Scrappy, Friendly, Co-operative, Agile, Supportive, Principle-Driven, Respectful, Practical, Attentive, Funny, Self-Motivated, Silly Parrots.


Company Perks


Employer-subsidized health insurance plan


Pre-tax dollars to pay for metro transit


Annual holiday party and team dinners


Unlimited PTO

Take as many vacation days as you need

Work from Home

Our team works across 11 states and 2 continents!


Plan your 401(k) plan directly from your paycheck

I like the transparency. As a developer at other companies, many times you don’t get to join product meetings, but here I am part of those meetings and am able to clearly understand the product vision and understand user’s expectations. This helps a lot while developing an app.

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