Branching Minds MTSS Summit -- December 8th, 2021

Branching Forward: Setting Intentions for MTSS in the New Year.

MTSS solution for supporting students collaboratively and effectively

MTSS solution for supporting students collaboratively and effectively

Make MTSS easy, efficient and effective with our web platform.

We help teachers follow the best practices of problem-solving work efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively from the start, saving time and effort while improving outcomes for all students.

Branching Minds, and RTI/MTSS System Level Solution

Less teacher time, better student outcomes.

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This is an excellent resource that is effective in helping the interventionists, classroom educators, and administrators work smarter not harder! We are so glad to be able to use this tool.
— Rebecca Yellets, Supervisor of Specialized Instruction at Prince William County Schools (VA)

Identify students in need of learning support in your school or district

Response to Intervention

Use assessment data to determine tiers for all students; review demographic distribution to ensure system health

Response to Intervention

Make sure every student is getting the support they need through team alerts

Response to Intervention

Get an overview of what is happening with each student

Collaborate on surveys to determine the root of each student’s challenges

Survey invitation

Invite teaching staff to collect targeted classroom observations

Answer survey questions

Focus on academic, cognitive, social emotional and behavioral skills predictive of success

View collaborative survey results

Distill observations into a learning profile of each student's strengths and challenges

Find the best evidence-based interventions for each learner

Find targeted supports

Differentiated and curated for all learners, our library contains over 2,000 evidence-based supports (with coverage for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3)

Create an intervention plan

Guided plan creation for intervention delivery

Share meeting information

Record intervention meetings and share plan details with the student’s family using our easy templates

Intervention selection is easier with Branching Minds, because there is a “pre-curated” list of options to choose from. We know that the available options are evidence-based and actually available for my district, which streamlines the intervention process for teachers and leads to improved intervention quality.
— Rike Frangos School Psychologist and RTI Coordinator, Oak Park Elementary School District 97 (IL)

Streamline documentation and quickly understand student progress

To Do List

Get automated to-do lists and reminders for your plan—just check boxes to log the work you're doing

Intervention reports

Generate intervention reports from logged work and synced assessments, all in one place

Family communication letters

Share progress updates with family communication letters customized with your school's letterhead

Less teacher time, better student outcomes.

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MTSS app and more — we are a partner.

Getting stakeholder buy-in and successfully rolling out a new program often requires a cultural shift inside a school. When it comes to school-wide intervention, that’s even more true—we understand what it takes and we’re here to support you from the beginning.

We assess current practices each year, make recommendations for improvement, set up a variety of professional learning opportunities, and monitor teacher usage to make sure you’re getting the best results for your students.

Utilize Response to Intervention at your school or district? Branching Minds is also a comprehensive and effective RTI solution.

Branching Minds provides so much more than just a solution to our problem. Branching Minds has illuminated a path forward for developing the foundational systems and processes we need to truly personalize supports for our students. In addition, Branching Minds multiplies our capacity to identify and respond to student needs.
— Sarah Guerrero, Principal, Northbrook Middle School, Spring Branch ISD (TX)

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