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    At Branching Minds, we pursue our mission by providing schools and school districts with engaging professional development that deepens educator practice and strengthens each component of infrastructure needed to sustain a multi-tiered intervention system.

    The BRM Professional Learning team is responsible for providing both virtual and in-person professional learning and coaching that is planned collaboratively with our district/school partners. Each BRM facilitator or coach is an educator with an average of 15 years of hands-on classroom, administrative and/or central office experience. Branching Minds Consultants have extensive experience leading MTSS and practicing a “results” coaching model. Our partnership includes a suite of professional learning and system-level support services that help our partners achieve high-fidelity MTSS by honing the knowledge and skills needed for their specific roles and responsibilities.

    With a team of approximately 35 education consultants, Branching Minds can deliver up to 15 concurrent sessions — either in person or virtually. We continue to broaden our Professional Learning team to meet the needs of our district partners. As we collaboratively refine the professional learning plan for each district, we will increase or diversify our staff to meet the needs identified.

    Tailored Professional Development for Your District’s Specific Needs

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    Foundations + Infrastructure Series

     On-site or Virtual Facilitated Sessions

    Branching Minds’ Infrastructure and Foundations Series supports districts and schools in developing procedures, protocols, and communications that promote the implementation of the MTSS framework. The Infrastructure and Foundations Series  provides time and space for district and school teams to reflect on “WHAT is MTSS?”, “WHY do we want to ‘practice’ MTSS?” and “HOW will we ‘practice’ MTSS?”. We work closely with our district partners to understand and value previous work, ensure alignment between MTSS and any district strategic plans, and uncover all stakeholder needs. Outcomes from the sessions include: deeper foundational knowledge of MTSS components, aligned and explicit protocols, procedures, clear roles and responsibilities, and the importance of communication to support the adoption of new practice.


    Infrastructure Coaching

    Improving system-level infrastructure is essential to enhancing best practices across any school district’s MTSS practice. The BRM Infrastructure Coaching Package provides school districts with the tools and professional development needed to advance their system to the next level.

    Foundations of MTSS

    Just like infrastructural blueprints for building a home have codes that must be understood by the drafter, the engineer, the contractor, the building inspector, and the homeowner; school districts must first ensure that the blueprint or foundation for success is understood by everyone doing the work.  


    Launch Series

     On-site or Virtual Facilitated Sessions

    Utilizing active implementation research science, Branching Minds supports partners throughout their adoption and implementation of MTSS and Branching Minds with just-in-time professional learning. Matched to your needs at each phase or stage of implementation, BRM provides a three-phased professional development launch series for your first year of implementation focused on actively developing leader and school team capacity to scale up MTSS innovations. Each session is uniquely customized to your readiness data.

    Implementation science - cycle of learning

    Implementation Science - Cycle of Learning


    Series 1 Courses: The Launch Series for School Teams

    Readiness 101:

    Build capacity to tackle implementation & adoption of MTSS & BRM

    Implementation 101:

    Build capacity to tackle implementation & adoption of MTSS & BRM

    Sustainability 101:

    Focus on continuous improvement, outcomes, and communication

    Series 2 Courses:
     The Launch Series for School and District Leaders

    Readiness 101:

    Change Management: Implementation and Communication Readiness

    Implementation 101:

    Data-driven Monitoring for Sustaining Systemic Change

    Sustainability 101:

    The Art of Feedback


    Deepening Practice Series

     On-site or Virtual Facilitated Sessions

    Series 1: Deepening Practice Series for School Teams

    Research says that planned implementation can take up to 3 years for full implementation and adoption. In our Deepening Practice Series, school teams reflect, reset, and expand initial systems, data-driven decision rules, and practices that will be required to support MTSS sustainability.

    Readiness 201:

    Reflect, reset, and expand capacity to tackle implementation & adoption of MTSS & BRM

    Implementation 201:

    Review & refine deeper adoption to enhance the impact and achieve fidelity

    Sustainability 201:

    Reflect, embed, and deepen continuous improvement, outcomes, and communication practices.

    Series 2: Deepening Practice Series for School and District Leaders

    Readiness 201:

    Change Management: Implementation and Communication Readiness

    Implementation 201:

    Data-driven Monitoring for Sustaining Systemic Change


    PBIS and Wellness Implementation Series

     On-site or Virtual Facilitated Sessions


    Starting Phase:

    Building Connections between Healthy School Climate, PBIS, and Social-Emotional Learning for School and District Leadership *Wellness Connected MTSS Foundations

    Readiness Phase:

    Building a Healthy School Climate through PBIS

    Implementation/Adoption Phase:

    Building a Healthy School Climate through PBIS

    Interconnected Systems Framework Overview:

    Overview for school utilizing Mental Health Professionals within a Multi-tiered System of Supports

    Supporting Social-Emotional Learning and Behavior in Branching Minds

    PBIS Fidelity Coaching Hours

    Additional Professional Learning Opportunities

    Branching Minds (BRM) offers a variety of professional learning opportunities for states, districts, and schools to ensure instructional leaders, specialists, coaches, and teachers are able to implement MTSS and the BRM platform with fidelity and maximize educators’ efforts to accelerate learning for all students.

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