Purchase ≠ Progress: Leveraging ESSER Funds for MTSS Implementation

    MTSS Practice

    As the halfway point in the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund time frame approaches and the remaining deadlines to leverage funds come into focus, district administrators should be asking two questions:

    • How can I best leverage these federal dollars to support student success?
    • Have the tools and programs we’ve purchased so far been used?

    End-of-Year Reflection and Planning With MTSS: Connect the Dots With Branching Minds

    MTSS Assessment Data, Branching Minds Platform

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) supports academic, social-emotional, and behavioral development for all students. The ultimate goal of MTSS is to use data to drive decision-making and improve outcomes for all students. To ensure that students receive the best support possible, it's important to assess their progress throughout the year and report the data to all relevant stakeholders.

    Branching Minds 2023 Roadmap

    MTSS Practice

    Author: Emily-Rose Barry, VP of Product at Branching Minds

    Nerd Alert: I’m busting out the vision board. 🤓

    Branching Minds 2022 Product Year in Review

    MTSS Practice

    Author: Emily-Rose Barry, Director of Product at Branching Minds

    Looking Back

    What a year it has been! In many ways, we started 2022 still shaking off the worn coat of COVID restrictions, re-claiming our educational spaces, and making sense of the past few years' experiences. Many words have already been expended lamenting all the ways we may have “fallen behind,” but to me, this year was an opportunity to experiment with new ways of thinking about the intersections of learning, technology, and student engagement. Human beings are nothing if not resilient, and the greatest sparks of creativity are born of necessity and confinement.