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    Leadership in MTSS

    "We must recognize that the status quo is comfortable for many adults. But comfort should never come at the cost of our students' potential."

    - AJ Crabill, Former School Board Member and Author

    No matter where your starting point, there is ALWAYS room to grow. Creating a great school is a continuous journey that begins with a simple yet powerful decision: the decision to change.

    AJ Crabill, former school board member, author, and upcoming MTSS Summit Keynote Speaker, shared on the Schoolin’ Around podcast that adult transformation is key to changing education. As a tough student himself, he recognized the power that adults have in helping students achieve their own greatness. “I was the most hard-headed student you've probably ever encountered, and so the reality is, there's some teachers who sliced through a lot of foolishness that I put out on the table.”

    “It’s easy to be fired up about trying to stand in the pathway of the next generation of little AJs who may not yet fully embraced their own power, their own capacity, their own hopes, and dreams, that we could create a pathway that can allow them to stand in their own greatness, that’s super easy to get fired up about.” 

    Embracing Continuous Improvement

    Change is hard, especially when it requires adults to question long-established practices and beliefs. AJ Crabill acknowledges that resistance to change is a formidable barrier in education and requires a shift in perspective. School boards, leaders, and educators must be willing to challenge their assumptions, reevaluate their strategies, and, most importantly, embrace a culture of continuous improvement. 

    And, transformation in education isn't a solitary endeavor. It requires the collaboration of all stakeholders, including school boards, educators, parents, and communities. AJ Crabill underscores the importance of building strong partnerships. "We must break down the silos that exist between adults in education. Collaboration is our most potent weapon for positive change." 

    The Imperative of Change

    AJ Crabill's insights underscore that great schools are not a distant dream; they are an achievable reality. The transformation hinges on the willingness of adults within the education system to change. "Our students deserve our unwavering commitment to their success. To provide that, we must be willing to change, adapt, and grow.”

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