Brancher Spotlight: Lindsay McCance

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    ✨ Marketing Team + Self-Proclaimed Swiftie

    Our Branchers are an amazing team of smart and passionate people energized by the idea of using innovation to reimagine education. Don't just trust us; hear it for yourself! This week we are spotlighting Lindsay McCance, Marketing Team Brancher.

    Q: What excites you the most about Branching Minds' mission?

    A: It's really just its full intention to support students and educators. It's just to me very well-rounded and very holistic in its approach. I feel like complex problems require complex solutions.

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    Q: What would you say makes branching minds so unique as a workplace?

    A: I think that's a pretty easy answer for me. I would say it's because Branching Minds treat its employees as real human beings first. I think most workplaces don't treat their employees that human beings first, though I wish that we're not the case for the workplace environment that we all kind of have to live in. Branching minds is definitely different in that aspect where they do and it really comes across like on the daily.

    Q: Which Branching Minds core value do you see show up the most in your everyday?

    A: I see empathy show all the time at Branching Minds, sort of like, even if someone is not needing to actively employ direct empathy at a moment in time. I feel like it's always there in the background to inform the way we collaborate and connect to one another, and I think it is the fuel to all of our other company values.

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