When a robust and meaningful MTSS process is more transparent and user-friendly to all teachers, the overall culture and success of the school improves, and it's far more effective when the school system works in the same direction by utilizing consistent procedures and common language. 

That's why we created this MTSS Intervention Process Flowchart.

We have developed a flowchart outlining MTSS processes that many teachers and school teams have found helpful. Although the flowchart is universally written and should work in most settings, we understand that each school is unique and has its own language and systems.

As schools adopt MTSS processes similar to those outlined in this flowchart, many teachers will find comfort in knowing what to expect. Not only can they expect high-quality support for students at all tiers, but they can also rely on meaningful collaboration with their colleagues at all phases of the process. 

Download our chart and use it in any way you find helpful.








MTSS  Intervention Flowchart by Branching Minds - P1
MTSS  Intervention Flowchart by Branching Minds - P2
MTSS  Intervention Flowchart by Branching Minds - P3