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“How can we make our RTI/MTSS meetings work better?”

It’s one of the most common questions district leadership teams ask Branching Minds. 

A healthy MTSS system consists of three different types of meetings that have three different functions and formats.

  • The Individual Student Support Meeting
  • The Grade/Content Team Community Meeting
  • The School Leadership Meeting

The Individual Student Support Meeting

This meeting provides the time and space for individualized deep dive problem-solving for students not making sufficient progress when supported by the Grade/Content Team Community Meeting.


The School Leadership Meeting

It is conducted three times a year, similar to a universal screener. The goal of this meeting is to understand the school-wide health and wellness around MTSS. The School Leadership team is reviewing school-level data (assessment scores, tier demographic distributions, tier movement and referral rates, etc.) to answer the question “Is this a healthy school?” 


The Grade/Content Team Community Meeting

It happens monthly, during a dedicated grade team meeting time. The goal of this meeting is to discuss and problem-solve for students teachers are concerned about because they aren’t making sufficient progress, typically tier 2 students, and to check in on tier 3 students. Grade/Content teams create/review these students' intervention plans, and if needed refer students for a Student Check-in Meeting. 


Download these quick guides to help you conduct effective meetings, optimize your use of time, and exit these meetings with clear action plans!

Generic MTSS Grade_Content Team Meeting Downloadable-1
Generic MTSS School Level Meeting Downloadable (1)-1-1
The MTSS Individual Student Support Meeting  (1)-1