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     Streamline your MTSS process for teachers and admins

    Enhance the implementation of evidence-based practices 

    Meet your students' unique needs to prepare them for tomorrow

    See how Branching Minds helps district partners achieve while doing less


    MTSS Meetings Guide & Toolkit

    This guide and toolkit provide help to make the most of team meetings, with best practices, types of MTSS meetings' guides, an editable agenda template, and resources to help focus your MTSS work and keep meetings on track.

    Find Curated High-Quality Interventions Matched to Each Student’s Needs & Streamline the Creation of Effective Support Plans

    Branching Minds supports include hundreds of evidence-based intervention programs as well as nearly a thousand free evidence-based strategies, activities, and resources that can be added to a student’s intervention plan.

    Browser_DESSA_BRM MTSS Platform

    Use SEL Data to Guide Decision-Making and Planning

    The Branching Minds platform integrates data from several SEL and Behavioral Health assessments. Results are presented alongside academic assessments, intervention plans, behavior incidents, progress monitoring, and other documents. The platform also offers districts and schools access to a set of evidence-based social-emotional competency assessments.

    Facilitate and Keep Track of Family Communications

    Branching Minds offers districts customizable template letters for easy family communication for teachers. The letters are logged and dated on the students' overview page, with notes and attachments available for review by the student's support team. This helps educators streamline communication while ensuring consistency.

    MTSS Guide - Branching Minds

    The Ultimate Guide to MTSS

    • Definitions and essential elements of MTSS.

    • Best practice recommendations and requirements for implementing an effective MTSS framework.

    • Instructions for gathering accurate and reliable data, using data to make meaningful changes for students, and establishing effective MTSS teams and system-level practices.

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