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    The EdTech Platform Receives Certifications from Digital Promise and Project Unicorn 

    New York City, NY (May 3, 2022) - With the acceleration of schools adopting education technologies for K-12 classrooms, school leaders are faced with the challenge of deciding which digital tools to trust. Branching Minds, a leading K-12 EdTech company providing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Response to Intervention (RTI) management platform designed to help educators more efficiently, and effectively support the needs of all learners, has recently received several product validations. These validations demonstrate its platform meets high-quality industry standards signaling its reliability as a district partner in the important work to support student success.

    Branching Minds is pleased to announce it has earned the Learner Variability Product Certification from Digital Promise. To earn the certification, Branching Minds submitted evidence demonstrating the platform’s ability to support learners' diverse needs and confirm the company’s commitment to continuing to design with learner variability in mind. This Product Certification serves as a rigorous and credible signal for district and school leaders, educators, and families looking for evidence of educational technology products that support learner variability. 

    This is the second certification Branching Minds received from Digital Promise. The company also earned the Research-Based Design Product Certification from Digital Promise in February 2022.

    Additionally, Branching Minds has received Project Unicorn’s highest standard of achievement - a Tier 4 Interoperability Certification badge. This badge signifies that seamless, secure, and controlled exchange of usable data between applications is key to this product.  With data security being top of mind for school district leaders and families, this certification lets school systems know they are investing in products that prioritize data modernization and security while ensuring that their systems "talk to each other."

    “Our MTSS solution is made for teachers by teachers. We believe that evidence-based instructional practices, learner variability, and data interoperability are essential components for teachers to deliver an equitable MTSS practice that improves outcomes for all learners. We have always prioritized meeting the needs assessed by these standards because they are what’s in the best interest of educators and students,” said Maya Gat, Co-Founder and CEO at Branching Minds. 

    “Educators and families want to know that EdTech products support a broad range of learners,” said Vic Vuchic, Chief Strategy Officer at Digital Promise. “The Learner Variability Product Certification celebrates those products that intentionally design for the whole child and allow learners to make adjustments based on their needs. Congratulations to these product companies!”

    "One of our goals at Project Unicorn is to educate and inform school districts who are pursuing interoperability and data modernization. Often this means that districts procure new tools or evaluate the tools in their portfolio to understand if they can work in their EdTech ecosystem," said Erin Mote, Executive Director of InnovateEDU.  "The Project Unicorn Interoperability Certification provides a clear signal that tools like Branching Minds are leaders in EdTech interoperability. These types of clear signals make it easier for schools to choose the best tools that fit their needs and know that they can work together.”


    May 3, 2022

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