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    Big Bad Data: Addressing Common Myths and Educator Concerns About MTSS Data [1-Hour Webinar]
    Wednesday, Apr. 5, 2023  |  1 PM ET / 12 PM CT / 10 AM PT
    Dr. Eva Dundas, Chief Academic Officer, Branching Minds
    Larissa Napolitan, Marketing Content Copywriter, Branching Minds
    Brittany Shurley, Instructional Design Manager, Branching Minds

    Educators go into the classroom because they love students, not necessarily because they love data! With the heightened focus on test scores and accountability, it is understandable that teachers, school leaders, and district administrators might approach data with trepidation or think that it takes the focus off of students as human beings. But good data analysis DOESN’T turn teaching into a cold or impersonal practice. In fact, data literacy is a key component in continuously improving instructional practices and helping each unique student achieve success in the classroom. 

    In this webinar, we will address common concerns about MTSS data and provide practical strategies to help educators embrace data as an essential part of teaching and learning.

    Declutter Your MTSS Data: Too Much of a Good Thing [75-Minute Workshop]
    Tuesday, Apr. 11, 2023  |  1 PM ET / 12 PM CT / 10 AM PT
    Tiffany Eudy, Jr. Account Executive, Branching Minds
    Lisa Fik, Educational Consultant, Branching Minds
    Christina Solinger, 
    Educational Consultant, Branching Minds

    Do you feel like you’re swimming in MTSS data? Too many tracking sheets and assessment scores cluttering up your desk and your brain? The ticket to de-cluttered MTSS data is collecting and analyzing the right data at the right time. Join this 75-minute interactive workshop to deepen your understanding of the “what” and the “when” around the use of data for academic and behavior support plans.

    Participants will: 

    1. Understand how to effectively select the appropriate data to collect when engaging in the Decision-Making Cycle.
    2. Learn best practices around when to engage in data-driven conversations and reflection. 
    3. Reflect on your data processes with other participants and brainstorm ways to refine them.

    Come prepared with:

    1. One or two students in mind who have an academic or behavior intervention plan or may need an intervention plan. 
    2. An assessment utilized at your district to analyze and discuss.

    MTSS Is a Circle, Not a Straight Line: Using EOY Data for Reflection and Planning in Branching Minds [45-Minute Live Demo]
    Thursday, Apr. 20, 2023  |  11 AM ET / 10 AM CT / 8 AM PT
    Emily-Rose Barry, Vice President of Product, Branching Minds
    Lauren Van Gomple, Senior Account Executive, Branching Minds

    Another school year will soon be in the books, but the cycle of improvement for next year is just kicking off! At EOY, school and district administrators can use Branching Minds to help review relevant data with a systems lens. This includes:

    ➡️  Evaluating the effectiveness of your entire MTSS practice 
    Planning for success in the coming year

    In this live demo, we will review the Branching Minds MTSS platform’s reporting functionality to help those overseeing MTSS to better understand the fidelity of their practice and the impact they have had on student outcomes.

    Missed the live event? Contact our team for a personalized walkthrough of the Branching Minds MTSS platform.