Turnkey Slides for Introducing MTSS to Your Team

We created a set of slides to help you introduce MTSS to your team.

Once you have worked with these slides, your team will understand:

  • Why you're transitioning to MTSS 

  • What is MTSS

  • What to expect from the leadership team as you implement MTSS 

  • Using your new MTSS handbook

  • Universal screening and core instruction

  • Moving towards robust intervention and progress monitoring

  • Creating your new MTSS teams and reducing meetings

  • Adjusting to change

  • Where to go for more information

P.S. The PDF features a short link that will take you to make a copy of a set of Google Slides. That will allow you to access the speaking notes and edit the content to contextualize it to your school's needs.

Introducing MTSS to Your Team
Introducing MTSS to Your Team