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    MTSS Practice Branching Minds Platform



    North Park Elementary, Broken Bow School District

    State: Nebraska | Type of School: Public | Students: 833

    Diversity: 84% White, 11% Hispanic, 3% Multi-Racial, 1 % Black

    Free or reduced lunch: 34.6%

    Broken Bow Elementary is located in Broken Bow, a small community in central Nebraska of about 4,000 people. The school district is one of the big employers, along with a cattle company and a medical supply company. The community also cares immensely about its students and is willing to invest in a strong school district. 

    At North Park Elementary, fostering strong relationships and open communication with students, staff, and parents is vital for supporting the whole child. Principal Justin Petersen sets an example by high-fiving students upon entrance, walking the halls to interact with staff, and constantly seeking opportunities to problem-solve and offer encouragement.

    This commitment to a positive school culture includes a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)  platform, Branching Minds, that helps teachers collaborate and support one another as they support their students,



    Building Trust, Academic Support, and Positive Communication With Parents While Implementing MTSS

    For any new principal, building relationships with parents can be challenging, especially when students have previously faced academic struggles. Principal Justin Petersen knows that it would take work to build trust. “Looking back, if I could give myself advice back in August that I know now, I just stay open to learning. I've been fortunate enough to have really good people around me, so that helps to plug into people that have that knowledge.”

    Moreover, the school staff were actively implementing MTSS to address students' needs. Ensuring positive communication with families was a key priority to keep them engaged with their child’s academic journey. 

    An additional challenge Justin faces stems from his novelty in the principal’s position, “I never really understood how many different ways of principal gets pulled until this year. There are days where you feel like you're going in about five directions.”


    Transformative Student Support: Enhanced Trust & Communication and Improved Academic Progress

    The Branching Minds platform played a pivotal role in fostering trust. Through the platform, the school could effectively track parent interactions, understand students' social-emotional and behavioral health, and communicate progress in a transparent manner. “I can pull up [a student’s] SEL/ behavior health. I can look at their charts that the teachers are filling out for their Check in/Check Outs, and I can tell parents here's what we're working on with them.” 

    The tool’s student overview page was invaluable during progress monitoring meetings, providing clear data on students requiring more support. This transparency ensured accountability among staff members.


    Branching Minds' Student Overview Page

    Branching Minds has shown promise in advancing the school's goals, particularly with positive outcomes reflected in recent MAP testing results. “I just hope we can continue to push kids. We had really great numbers this spring for MAP testing. We had grades that were achieving so well beyond what they normally do. So to me, it's just making sure everybody sees what we're doing works,” shares Justin.

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    — Dr. Frank Barnes, Former Chief Accountability Officer at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC

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