Lessons Learned From a Career Supporting School Reform Through RTI/MTSS, With Dr. George M. Batsche

    Thursday, January 14, 2021
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    Time displayed above is EST - The webinar will be available everywhere via Zoom

    Hear from RTI/MTSS expert, and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Dr. George M. Batsche. The majority of Dr. Batsche’s work has focused on systems of implementing academic and behavior interventions for at-risk students, and he has played a key role in advising the Branching Minds team in the development of our platform.

    You will hear insights and lessons learned from his career supporting school reform through RTI/MTSS, trends, and shifts he is seeing in RTI/MTSS, and how covid has or hasn’t affected those. You will be able to engage with him by asking questions about all aspects of RTI/MTSS, such as: 

    • Managing the mindset change from just a referral process for SpEd to a multi-tiered system of support for all students

    • Supporting a healthy problem-solving practice to facilitate the implementation of MTSS

    • The role of leadership within RTI/MTSS

    We have also gleaned insights on his predictions of the changes in education in 2021, and what educators should keep in mind this spring and next fall!


    About Dr. George Batsche

    Dr. George M. Batsche is Professor and Co-Director of the Institute for School Reform at the University of South Florida. He is Co-Director of the Florida Statewide Problem-Solving/Response to Intervention Project for the Florida Department of Education. In addition, Dr. Batsche co-directs the Student Support Services, Shared Services Network and Coordinated Student Health Projects for the Florida Department of Education.

    Dr. Batsche has been massively influential in guiding Branching Minds' thinking and understanding of best practices 

    -- Dr. Eva Dundas, Chief Learning Officer


    In the past 15 years, Dr. Batsche has received more than $30 million dollars in grants from the U.S. Department of Education, Florida Department of Education and private foundations. The majority of his work has focused on systems of implementing academic and behavior interventions for at-risk students.

    Dr. Batsche's experience includes work as a university professor and researcher, school psychologist, district-level administrator, building principal and consultant to school districts and state agencies regarding implementation of problem-solving/response to intervention. Dr. Batsche is a co-author of the book, Response to Intervention: Policy Considerations and Implementation (2005), "Response to Intervention: Competing Views" in the journal, Assessment for Effective Intervention (2006), and "Statewide Implementation of Problem-Solving/Response to Intervention: The Florida Initiative" in the book The Handbook of Response to Intervention: The Science and Practice of Assessment and Intervention (2007).


    Dr. George Batsche ‘s publications

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