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    Do you ever feel like Goldilocks when creating student plans? It’s challenging to find the intervention that is “juuust right” to help each student grow. That’s why Branching Minds offers a curated Intervention Library filled with research-based supports matched to a student’s unique profile. Here are five ways the Branching Minds library helps you find and implement “just right” interventions for your students.

    1. It’s Comprehensive

    2. Branching Minds has the most comprehensive library of evidence-based learning supports available on any MTSS platform. It includes hundreds of evidence-based intervention programs as well as nearly a thousand free evidence-based strategies, activities, and resources that can be added to a student’s intervention plan. From reading to math to behavior, our library offers plenty of options and is customizable for each district and school.  

    4. branching-minds-platform-intervention-library-frame
    6. Branching Minds' Intervention & Support Library
    7. Tailored Support

    8. The Branching Minds platform uses an Insight Survey to match the supports available to each student’s needs, including differentiated academic supports based on ELL levels and grade performance levels. You can also search the library by general topic.
    10. student-insight-survey-branching-minds-mtss-platform
    12. Branching Minds' Student Insight Survey
    13. A Whole Child Lens

    14. Academic success can’t be separated from emotional well-being and social development. The Intervention Library extends its support beyond academics, offering a comprehensive range of interventions that address social, emotional, and behavioral needs.
    16. branching-minds-mtss-platform-behavior-intervention-library
    17. Branching Minds' SEL & Behavioral Health Intervention & Support Library
    18. Up-to-Date Resources

    19. The Branching Minds Learning Science Team keeps pace with the ever-changing educational landscape and builds new partnerships throughout the year, making continual updates to the supports available to our district partners. The result? Educators can access cutting-edge interventions that align with their needs, without doing the homework themselves.
    20. Detailed Instructions

    21. Finding the right intervention is half the battle; knowing how it should be used is the other half. For each of the supports in the Intervention Library, Branching Minds helps educators understand WHAT, WHY, and HOW, along with the supporting research and any downloads or additional resources needed to implement best practices.

     🚀 Find “Just Right” Interventions with the Branching Minds Intervention Library

    The Branching Minds Intervention Library isn't just a list of interventions; it's a dynamic tool that helps you to identify and deliver personalized, evidence-based support. For more information about the Branching Minds library along with 15 of our most-used interventions, check out this guide Finding and Using Evidence-Based MTSS Interventions: A How-To Guide, or request a demo below.

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