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    Give Teachers More Time to Teach with Branching Minds

    Instituting MTSS, MTSS Assessment Data, Branching Minds Platform

    Ever spend your lunch break scrambling to find the data you need or to document the work you’ve already completed? For teachers everywhere, time is the resource they need most but never have enough of. One major time drain is the endless data collection and analysis required to plan and track student interventions. For administrators looking to lighten this load, Branching Minds offers a game-changing solution that saves teachers time and helps them focus more on what they love—teaching!

    Your MTSS Platform Data Implementation Made Easy with Branching Minds

    Instituting MTSS, MTSS Assessment Data, Branching Minds Platform

    "I've done this a lot with a lot of different platforms, but you guys are really top-notch. And I'm a band director, so I don't give compliments often so you know I mean it!"

    - Matt Hawkes, Tech Director, Cloverleaf Local Schools, OH

    How Your Department Could Be Benefiting From Branching Minds Right Now

    Instituting MTSS, Leadership in MTSS, Branching Minds Platform

    Just about every department and role in a school district benefits from the Branching Minds platform! Branching Minds is a comprehensive MTSS solution designed to transform the way school districts support students, making the work of education both practical and sustainable. 

    Supporting Early Literacy With MTSS and Branching Minds

    Instituting MTSS, Interventions and Learning Supports' Strategies, MTSS for Elementary, Branching Minds Platform

    The ability to read with fluency and comprehension is THE foundational academic skill that leads to all others. Despite the importance, reading performance in the US has been stagnant for decades. In 2022, only 32% of 4th graders demonstrated proficiency in early literacy skills. 

    ICYMI: Branching Minds Top 10 Product Improvements in 2023

    Branching Minds Platform

    It’s been an exciting, dynamic year for Branching Minds, thanks to you! The input and support of our district partners are the driving force behind every update and enhancement. We've come a long way, and with sincere gratitude, we toast our wonderful community of educators and celebrate our top improvements of the year. 

    An Intervention Plan Tune-Up: Progress Monitoring with Branching Minds

    MTSS Practice, Interventions and Learning Supports' Strategies, Branching Minds Platform

    Just as your mechanic has the diagnostics and tools needed to keep your car running smoothly, Branching Minds has all the features you need to monitor and fine-tune your students’ learning plans!

    The Branching Minds 'Secret Menu'…Bite-Sized Features That Take Work Off Your Plate

    Instituting MTSS, Branching Minds Platform

    Don’t you love a secret menu? Whether it's the Animal-Style Burger or the Butterbeer Blizzard, insiders know how to get the best out of their order. At Branching Minds, we don't really serve a secret menu, but we have created lots of delightful little features that help educators get their work done. We asked our customers to share the lesser-known features of Branching Minds that make their lives easier, and they served up a host of fan-favorites!

    Five Ways the Branching Minds Intervention Library Helps You Find 'Just Right' Interventions

    Interventions and Learning Supports' Strategies, Branching Minds Platform

    Do you ever feel like Goldilocks when creating student plans? It’s challenging to find the intervention that is “juuust right” to help each student grow. That’s why Branching Minds offers a curated Intervention Library filled with research-based supports matched to a student’s unique profile. Here are five ways the Branching Minds library helps you find and implement “just right” interventions for your students.

    7 Steps to Getting the MTSS Tools You Need to Succeed

    Instituting MTSS, Leadership in MTSS, Branching Minds Platform

    You see the need for an MTSS platform to streamline and support your work with students, but how do you bring others on board, especially when you’re not “the boss?” First, don’t discount your influence with the decision-makers in your school district! As someone directly involved in providing instruction and intervention for struggling students, your perspective and experience can be a compelling agent for change, but only if you speak up and carefully make your case.

    How Tier Automation Makes It Easy To Accurately Screen & Tier Students for Support

    MTSS Practice, Branching Minds Platform

    Based on an analysis of Spring 2023 Map Growth assessment data, the NWEA Research Policy Brief* revealed that achievement gains in the 2022–23 academic year fell short of pre-pandemic trends across most grades, hampering progress toward pandemic recovery. Significant achievement gaps persist, with the average student needing 4.1 additional months of schooling in reading and 4.5 months in math to catch up.