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    A Note From Our CEO & Co-founder, Maya Gat:

    "The Branching Minds team has grown to include many other educators, former administrators, school psychologists, academic researchers, and learning scientists, who all share that same drive and show up to work every day with those same values and commitment to students. That’s what spurs us on to understand each of our partners’ needs, evolving problems of practice, and desired outcomes, as well as to iterate on solutions collaboratively with them until we achieve transformative outcomes.

    While I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve educators and humbled by the positive impact we already have accomplished, I am even more excited about the work we are doing now to drive stronger, more equitable outcomes for tomorrow.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about our work, and I look forward to the opportunity to walk this path with you in the future."

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    Branching Minds for an Improved and Streamlined MTSS Practice

    Branching Minds is an MTSS/RTI system-level education platform that brings together innovative, easy-to-use technology with the latest insights from the learning sciences to help drive student and school success, while making teachers and administrators work easier and more effective. Branching Minds connects data, systems, interventions, and stakeholders so that educators, administrators, and families can work better together to support students' holistic needs. 

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