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    Branching Minds (BRM) takes a partnership approach to help schools and districts achieve an effective, efficient, and equitable MTSS practice. We believe sustainable system-level growth happens when districts are supported with not just their tooling and technology adoptions, but with and across their system-level practices, protocols, and resources. We have bundled the support your district will need into our “Success Package.

    About the Branching Minds Success Package

    The BRM Success Package provides support and services that lead to a successful implementation of a school system’s MTSS practice and its MTSS management system (the BRM platform). These supports and services are provided continuously throughout the partnership, at different levels of intensity and different tiers of BRM support, and include the following. 



    Asynchronous & On Demand Professional Learning

    Platform Configuration Support

    Customer Success

    Live Chat Support

    MTSS Practice Guidance

    Data Support

    Data Sources & Data Extraction

    Events & Community


    ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Reach out to an expert to help you figure out with success package works best for your district and aligns best with your needs. 

      Branching Minds Professional Learning Opportunities

    Branching Minds (BRM) offers a variety of professional learning opportunities for states, districts, and schools to ensure instructional leaders, specialists, coaches, and teachers are able to implement MTSS and the BRM platform with fidelity and maximize educators’ efforts to accelerate learning for all students.

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