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    Branching Minds offers all partners access to our learning management system, the MTSS Learning Hub powered by Branching Minds. Within the MTSS Learning Hub, BRM users will have access to on-demand professional learning courses to grow their MTSS and Branching Minds knowledge.

    *Branching Minds provides certificates of completion for all staff who complete our courses. Educators should work with their own district to verify professional development credit available for this learning content.


    1. On-Demand, Self-Guided Branching Minds Platform Exploration Courses

    Branching Minds Platform Orientation:

    Learners will utilize the Branching Minds demo site to increase their comfort with foundational tools and BRM technology.


    The Teacher Role: Expanding on the Branching Minds Platform Tools

    Learners assigned the Teacher Role in BRM will dive into their Branching Minds Platform, engage with real students and data, and build comfort by leveraging tools beyond data collection and basic plan building.


    The Manager Role: Expanding on the Branching Minds Platform Tools

    This course is designed for staff assigned the “Manager Role.”  Enhanced with continuous improvement and problem-solving templates, this course deepens “Manager Role” users' knowledge of the platform to better equip formal and informal leaders with tools to increase platform engagement, reporting, and accountability.


    2. Videos for BRM District Coordinators

    Our video library has in-depth tutorials to help you configure your Branching Minds platform. These quick videos are accompanied with checklists, templates, and written instructions to get you up and running in no time!

    3. On-Demand, Self-Guided MTSS Knowledge Courses

    Want to learn more about MTSS? Take a deep dive into BRM-approved courses that support your district’s academic, behavioral, and wellness success

    • Category MTSS

      • Understanding MTSS Basics (~1 Hour on-demand course)

      • What is Implementation Science

    • Category PBIS/Wellness

      • Building an Effective Check-in/Check-out Intervention System (~1 Hour on-demand course)

      • Building Resiliency within Tier 1 (~1 Hour on-demand course)

    • Category Academics

      • Selecting Matched Intervention and Progress Monitoring Tools

    • Category Family and Community Engagement

      • Building a family and community communication plan

    Hub screen-1

    BRM MTSS Learning Hub:

    On-demand learning platform that includes learning modules, tutorials, and videos to support educators as they configure and navigate the BRM platform and improve their MTSS practice.

    Branching Minds provided us with models, examples, and ongoing professional development from wonderful coaches who have endeared themselves to our staff with their kind and compassionate demeanors, and have guided us in the creation of a working RTI/MTSS practice that meets our needs.
    — Dr. Donald Murphy, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and InstructionHauppauge UFSD (NY)

    Additional Professional Learning Opportunities

    Branching Minds (BRM) offers a variety of professional learning opportunities for states, districts, and schools to ensure instructional leaders, specialists, coaches, and teachers are able to implement MTSS and the BRM platform with fidelity and maximize educators’ efforts to accelerate learning for all students.

    Learn more.

    Are you a BRM user with access to the MTSS Hub? Login here: branchingminds.eloomi.com

    Contact us to learn how Branching Minds can support your district's MTSS/RTI practice

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