With Branching Minds, You Can:


Identify Issues

Find Supports


Track Behaviors

Report Progress 

Our Tool


Identify Learning Differences

Branching Minds helps parents, teachers, and school/district administrators pinpoint student's learning strengths and challenges through a quick and easy to use Q&A process based on the students' observable behaviors.


Find Supports

Users can find specific learning supports like strategies, activities, games, apps, and tools that are matched to a student's cognitive strengths and challenges. Supports are curated by top learning specialists, reviewed by leading researchers, and recommended by other users.



Track & Report on Progress

We make it easy to track and report on a student's progress over time, helping teachers to support the Response to Intervention (RTI) process and improve record-keeping.


Comprehensive Literacy, Math and Behavior for Students K-8

Our tool helps students for literacy and behavior for students in grades K-8, including reading comprehension, reading decoding/fluency, writing process, writing mechanics, writing process/content, speaking/listening, executive functions, social/emotional, and attentional behavioral issues. These academic content areas are differentiated for English language learners.