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    But don't worry; with the right help, your efforts can lead to proactive change. The right MTSS solution will enable your district to:


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    Gain the necessary visibility to accurately identify and support your students and help address disproportionality.

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    Acquire the insights to know how to effectively support your students, backed by MTSS best practices.


    Efficiently streamline your data and the documentation of intervention plans and student progress.

    Improve data collection and analysis to make data-based decision-making seamless, and improve intervention.


    We get it.

    MTSS best practices can be challenging to implement, but the right technology simplifies the process. Let us do the heavy lifting and reduce the overwhelm so you focus on helping your students succeed.

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    Data collected from our district partners using NWEA MAP Growth showed that 76% of districts using BRM increased the number of students who met or exceeded growth expectations in both reading and math across the 2022-23 school year.


    The Branching Minds’ MTSS Platform provides the tools you need to:

    IDENTIFY who needs support and why



    Proactively identify which students need what level of support by automatically applying cut points to your assessment data.
    Examine why students may be struggling by using reading and math Insight Surveys that highlight underlying issues.
    Understand where and for whom the core needs to be strengthened and access resources to improve core instruction for teachers.



    "Branching Minds has definitely improved our student identification process. This process is more informed by data than in the past and is reducing the possibility of students slipping through the cracks."

    - Trisha Senne, Coordinator of Assessment and MTSS, Community Consolidated School District 59 (Illinois)

    KNOW WHAT TO DO to support students and HOW

    Find students with shared needs within and across classrooms and grade levels, and then create Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 support plans aligned to student needs (including SMART goals, progress monitoring, and intervention planning).


      Access a library of 100s of evidence-based interventions and supports aligned to your students’ needs, or use BRM’s support recommendations.
      Follow best practices when creating and implementing support plans.



    "Branching Minds has been instrumental to our success because it forces us to examine our practices at every single level and really do a deep dive into what's working, what's not working, and what pieces are missing, and providing us access to a bank of interventions that we know are research base that we can hit the ground running with."

    - Jenna Blank, RTI Coordinator, Livonia Central School District (New York)

    DOCUMENT WORK & MONITOR PROGRESS to know what’s working and what isn’t

      Document services provided by all district staff and external service providers (including tutors) and track student progress with a calculated Rate of Improvement.


      Enable collaboration across your staff by providing a centralized student view across all subjects with all relevant student data in one place, following the student across campuses and years (including those key academic transition points).


      Monitor system-level progress and identify and address equity gaps in both tier need and support delivery distribution; and take action to support diverse populations.


    In just two years, a large urban school district partner saw a dramatic increase in the number of students who met or exceeded growth expectations on NWEA MAP Growth, including a 55% increase in reading and a 118% increase in math between Fall 2021 and Spring 2023.

    So, just in the comparison itself with all the other programs that are on the market, Branching Minds honestly is the complete package. You have all of the intervention support and guidance. You have all of the capability of focusing your support library on exactly what you want it to be for your district. The amount of support that Branching Minds offers in itself really gets that ball rolling for the district. It really gives that expert backup and proactive guidance to set your MTSS framework up for success from the beginning.
    — Emma McBride, Multi-Tiered Systems Specialist, Beaumont ISD  (Texas)

    Branching Minds is the comprehensive MTSS solution you need to help your students succeed.


    Learn how Waverly School District navigated the intricacies of MTSS to establish a clear process and improve students’ growth.


    Resources to support your success:


    Connect with us today to learn how we can help make your MTSS vision a reality and help your students achieve academic success.

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