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    MTSS Practice Interventions and Learning Supports' Strategies Branching Minds Platform

    Just as your mechanic has the diagnostics and tools needed to keep your car running smoothly, Branching Minds has all the features you need to monitor and fine-tune your students’ learning plans!

    Dashboards - Student Plan & Progress View

    Branching Minds consolidates all the relevant data for each student in one accessible place. The Student Overview and Plan and Progress pages incorporate:

    • Student demographic information (like grade level, special education status, testing accommodations, gifted & talented status, race, gender, and ethnicity)
    • Current and historical recommended levels of tiered support in each topic area
    • Teacher observations of student strengths and weaknesses documented via Insight Survey results
    • Active academic, SEL, and behavioral plan SMART goals, interventions, and progress monitors 

    This centralized approach allows everyone working with the student — including teachers, specialists, counselors, and school administrators — to stay informed about the support provided. And, the data is archived for longitudinal analysis, helping educators support each student consistently as they transition between classes or schools. All student data can be easily generated on a Student Intervention Report for archiving or sharing with families.

    branching-minds-mtss-platform-intervention-plan-progress-pageBranching Minds' Student Plan & Progress Page

    Clear Navigation - Visualizing Progress

    How can we assess progress if we don’t know where we are and where we are headed? Branching Minds puts data in a clear visual format so that teachers and support team members can easily see how student plans are progressing:

    • Graphic representations showing planned goals, actual progress, and trend lines.
    • Gantt charts displaying intervention delivery timelines.
    • Table views for detailed MTSS plan information, including assessments, dates, and notes.

    The color-coded rate of improvement (ROI) indicators in these visualizations guide the way, displaying green when the plan is on target and red when the student isn’t making adequate progress. With these quick visual indicators, educators can quickly gauge a student's progress. It's like checking the route as you head to your destination. When the indicators are green, you know you're on the right track, but if they're red, it's time to take action and adjust the plan. 

    branching-minds-mtss-platform-student-progress-graphBranching Minds' Academic Plan & Progress Page

    Different Students, Different Needs - Group and Individual Plans

    Although some needs may be shared across groups of students, not all students are the same. Branching Minds recognizes this and provides flexibility in how plans are created. Educators can:

    • Design support plans for groups with similar needs.
    • Easily compare students' progress within the same group.
    • Identify students who may require additional support or a different plan.
    • Copy plans for students with similar needs instead of starting from scratch. 

    Branching Minds gives educators the tools they need to individualize and differentiate as necessary. 

    branching-minds-mtss-platform-group-progress-monitoringBranching Minds' Group Progress Monitoring


    Passing Inspection  - Benchmark Assessments

    In Branching Minds, the results of benchmark assessments are critical for assessing student progress over time. The platform offers a tabular presentation of all benchmark assessments for each student, making it easy to:

    • Review assessments over time.
    • Dive into sub-skill details.
    • Document benchmark assessment data directly within the platform.

    This feature ensures that educators have a comprehensive view of student performance across subjects to track progress and make data-driven decisions.

    branching-minds-mtss-platform-benchmark-growth-reportBranching Minds' Benchmark Growth Report

    Branching Minds centralizes your student data and provides clear visualizations to help you make informed decisions to support every student. So, take advantage of these features and ensure your students’ educational journey continues smoothly and successfully. Happy mid-year tune-up! 

     💡 Interested in discovering how you can efficiently create, monitor, and adjust student learning plans with Branching Minds?

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