Starting with MTSS/RTI Progress monitoring

progress monitoring look like in Response to Intervention

The purpose of monitoring progress is to determine the effectiveness of an intervention plan on student learning. When data show students are progressing, interventions are maintained until students meet identified goals. When data show students are not progressing, a change in intervention is necessary (Fuchs, Compton, Fuchs & Davis, 2008). When changes are made to intervention plans based on data, intervention or phase lines should be placed on student graphs to indicate the change. Students receiving Tier 2 support should be assessed weekly or every other week, while students receiving Tier 3 support should be assessed weekly. 

Assessments used for progress monitoring should be valid and reliable measures of the specific skill being evaluated so that they can be used to compare students’ rate of growth to expected rate of growth (based on local or national peer comparison). 

Schedule: As the severity of the student’s problem, and the intensity of school resources provided to address that problem increases, so should the frequency of progress monitoring. 

Person Responsible: Ideally, the individual implementing the intervention plan should administer the progress monitoring assessments, or record behavior data in accordance with best practice. There are documented gains in student outcome data when the person implementing the intervention administers frequent progress monitoring assessments (Fuchs & Fuchs, 1986; Ikeda, Rahn-Blakeslee, Niebling, Allison & Stumme, 2006). This information should be considered when establishing roles and responsibilities related to progress monitoring. 

progress monitoring look like in Response to Intervention

Sample schedule for progress monitoring academic skills

progress monitoring look like in Response to Intervention

Sample schedule for progress monitoring behavior skills

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October 28, 2019

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