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    Instituting MTSS MTSS Assessment Data Branching Minds Platform

    "I've done this a lot with a lot of different platforms, but you guys are really top-notch. And I'm a band director, so I don't give compliments often so you know I mean it!"

    - Matt Hawkes, Tech Director, Cloverleaf Local Schools, OH

    Edtech implementation is only as successful as the behind-the-scenes work to connect the systems, ingest the data, and roster the users. Often, buy-in and usage hinge on the successful data implementation process that has to occur before anyone can log in. Branching Minds understands this process is crucial because we have spent the last 10+ years working with districts' adoption of our MTSS platform. Teachers continuously adapt to challenges beyond their control; technology should not be one of them.  That’s why we provide a dedicated Data Implementation Specialist to support you every step of the way, as part of your success package. This top-rated team is quick to provide resources and time to make your data implementation hassle-free.

    How Do We Make This Easy for You?

    1. You Have More Than a Platform, You Have a Partner

    Our team partners with the district team to facilitate this process within the district, whether that be rostering, assessments, or establishing data cut scores. Making all the systems connect and talk to each other can be intimidating, especially if your tech contacts are separate from your district IT team. Our team translates the technical terms so that anyone can understand them.


    quote-star“The whole experience of partnering with Branching Minds is a partnership because I will bring a problem to your team, and they don't just problem-solve it and shoot it back at me. They make me a part of the process. So, number one, they truly understand what I need, and number two, I understand how they're getting to the answer that I need, which helps me then ask better questions to improve the process on both my end and your end.”

    - Sarah Cannon, MTSS/Intervention Data Specialist, Lake Norman Charter, NC

    🏅 Branching Minds is the best-in-class MTSS solution for educators. Read more: The Right MTSS Platform Should Empower Educators.

    2. You Get Resources for Every Step

    We have anticipated many of the needs of data ingestion, breaking down the process into manageable steps.  We provide a Data Sharing Guide as a one-stop-shop resource for districts implementing our platform. This guide walks districts through the phases of implementation and scaffolds what could be complicated technical tasks into easy-to-follow steps.

    quote-star“Training sessions were well planned, well-paced, and our questions were answered.”

    - Aftann Kisling, Special Education Director, Fremont, WY 

    3. You Have Direct Access to Our Team

    After a welcome call and a Technical Implementation Meeting, our team offers weekly scheduled meetings to check in and hit those implementation milestones. During those initial calls, our team answers questions and works with partners to connect systems for rostering or test log-ins. Each specialist is also willing to go the extra mile to help get our partners across the finish line. 


    quote-star"Patient, ongoing support. Always willing to jump in and assist where we maybe needed help. Friendly and cooperative throughout it all and the ongoing follow-up emails and reminders were truly helpful in keeping us on track.”

    - Sara Williams, ​​Dyslexia/504/RTI Coordinator, Huntsville ISD, TX

    4. Your Needs Are Our Priority

    Each district and school has a different situation, SIS, data types, and single sign-on! We have seen it all and are prepared to address each situation individually. Our specialists value collaboration more than anything and are willing to loop in whoever is necessary to troubleshoot at a moment’s notice.  Our data team averages 100% customer satisfaction, and our customer support is on call to help within seconds (29 seconds on average!)

    quote-star“Branching Minds made the process as easy as possible to have our district ready to start the school year. Their people talked us through many options and ideas to get us a usable platform to begin this school year.”

    - Daniel Besch, Principal, Bellefonte, PA


    Our Data Implementation Specialists combine technological expertise with patience and empathy for our onboarding districts. Many of our specialists are former educators who understand the importance of having all the right data in place for educators to get a strong start with their new MTSS platform. The behind-the-scenes tech work has a direct impact on teachers' and students' lives…and that’s why we do what we do! 

    Branching Minds is a comprehensive platform designed by educators for educators to help identify, implement, and monitor evidence-based support for all students. For 10+  years, we have been focused purely on MTSS, not only supporting but also listening to our customers, making the complicated MTSS process much better and easier. 


    Don’t suffer through an unsupported MTSS platform implementation! 

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    ”Branching Minds support team has been so helpful. I would call them or email them and they'd always really almost get back to me immediately or within that day. They were always so patient, helping me. They just made it so smooth. They made it made me feel like there wasn't any dumb question. They also had those check-in meetings throughout the year.”

    - Jodee Nelson, Title 1 Coordinator and K-3 Reading Interventionist, Lincoln County, WY



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