IL-EMPOWER is focused on capacity development for statewide school improvement support. Selection of an ISBE-approved Learning Partner provides schools with greater choice and voice in the school improvement process. Vendor Learning Partners and Peer Learning Partners offer specialized services in three areas aligned to the Illinois Quality Framework Supporting Rubric: Governance and Management, Curriculum and Instruction, and Culture and Climate. Learn more about Il Empower Learning Partners here.


As an Illinois Empowered approved learning partner, Branching Minds can help your school to:

  • Audit the health of your MTSS Practice  

  • Develop (or refine) a comprehensive MTSS Handbook

  • Improve collaboration and communication, while streamlining the daily work of MTSS

  • Build teacher capacity to:

    • maintain a whole child lens (across academics, behavior, SEL and cognitive strengths and challenges),

    • effectively navigate the problem-solving process, and

    • make data driven decisions, guided by best practices

Ultimately, improving student outcomes, while saving teachers time and effort.

We needed a longitudinal system that could track students between multiple years so they didn’t fall between the cracks. We also needed something that allowed for collaboration... Branching Minds rose above the pack.
— Donna Cross, MTSS Coordinator, Evanston/Skokie District 65 (IL)

Proactively identify students in need of support across academics, behavior and SEL

Tier demographic report

Use assessment data to determine tiers for all students; review demographic distribution to ensure system health

Students with overdue todos

Make sure every student is getting the support they need through team alerts

Student overview

Get an overview of what is happening with each student


Collaboratively collect teacher observations to understand each student’s strengths and challenges across academic, cognitive, social emotional and behavioral skills at play

Survey invitation

Invite teaching staff to collect targeted classroom observations

Answer survey questions

Focus on academic, cognitive, social emotional and behavioral skills predictive of success

View collaborative survey results

Distill observations into a learning profile of each student's strengths and challenges


Find the best evidence-based interventions for each learner from Branching Minds library of 1000s of evidence based supports

Find targeted supports

Differentiated and curated for all learners, our library contains over 2,000 evidence-based supports

Create an intervention plan

Guided plan creation for intervention delivery

Share meeting information

Record intervention meetings and share plan details with the student’s family using our easy templates

Branching Minds is a dynamic program that offers all teachers and staff members to participate in supporting learners, both behaviorally and academically. For districts like ours that embrace teaching the whole child, BrM offers opportunities for all of us to take an active role in meeting the needs of our students, establish interventions, monitor these interventions, and hold ourselves accountable for working with our students.
— Laura Meglan, Reading Specialist, Lincoln Elementary, Oak Park School District 97

Streamline documentation and quickly understand and communicate student progress

To-Do List

Get automated to-do lists and reminders for your plan—just check boxes to log the work you're doing

Intervention reports

Generate intervention reports from logged work and synced assessments, all in one place

Family communication letters

Share progress updates with family communication letters customized with your school's letterhead

Less teacher time, better student outcomes.


Not just a technology solution—we are a partner.

Getting stakeholder buy-in and successfully rolling out a new program often requires a cultural shift inside a school. When it comes to school-wide intervention, that’s even more true—we understand what it takes and we’re here to support you from the beginning.

We assess current practices each year, make recommendations for improvement, set up a variety of professional learning opportunities, and monitor teacher usage to make sure you’re getting the best results for your students.

Branching Minds provided a way to integrate learning science into my coaching practice. The platform helped my teacher and I identify crucial action steps for students they were struggling to support.
— Teaching Coach, New Teacher Center, Chicago