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    Summer 2023 MTSS Professional Learning Retreat

    Tuesday, June 20, 2023
    11:00 AM - 2:30 PM

    As the school year draws to a close, it’s time to evaluate and improve your district’s system-level MTSS practice to achieve more efficient, effective, and equitable support for all students.

    Join us for a FREE and fully virtual half-day of professional learning to explore how to assess your MTSS practice through the lenses of leadership, competency, and organization and iterate your practice using data.

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    The sessions:

    Poolside Chat - "Will This Be Graded? A Shift From Compliance-Driven Reporting to Reflective Continuous Improvement Through Self-Assessments of MTSS Practices"
    José Castillo, PhD, NCSP, Associate Professor of School Psychology and Director of the Institute for School Reform, University of South Florida
    Brittany Shurley, Director of Professional Services, Branching Minds

    Teachers frequently encounter a question from students when assigning tasks, projects, or assignments: "Will this be graded?" But why do students ask this question? Would their approach or performance change if a grade were involved?

    A focus on scores and compliance can divert our attention from the true objective: continuous improvement. As countless schools nationwide engage in self-assessment of their Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) practices, the fear of feeling graded or haste to just get the assignment done can overshadow our sound judgment; it may also hinder leaders from embracing growth and continuous improvement opportunities. So how do we recognize and address these challenges to foster a culture of ongoing development in our educational institutions?

    Join Dr. Jose Castillo and Brittany Shurley as they dispel the fear of the score from the MTSS self-assessment and discuss the benefits of data-driven reflection on school-wide systems.

    Workshop - Data in the Driver's Seat: Iterate MTSS Practices and Engage in Continuous Improvement Using Data"
    Meagan Gillcrist, Educational Consultant, Branching Minds
    Angela Plugge, Director of Learning (Curriculum), Waverly School District 145

    Melissa Shotts, Account Executive, Branching Minds

    In this 90-minute workshop, attendees will:  

    ➡️ Identify key metrics and their purpose in order to drive MTSS practice

    ➡️ Understand how to evaluate your current MTSS practice utilizing the implementation drivers of leadership, competency, organization

    ➡️ Use the continuous improvement cycle to make and apply data-driven decisions to iterate and improve your practice

    Product Session - "MTSS Is a Circle, Not a Straight Line: Using EOY Data for Reflection and Planning in Branching Minds"
    Emily-Rose Barry, VP of Product, Branching Minds
    Lauren Van Gomple, Sr. Account Executive, Branching Minds

    At EOY, school and district administrators can use Branching Minds to help review relevant data with a systems lens. This includes:

    ➡️ Evaluating the effectiveness of your entire MTSS practice
    ➡️ Planning for success in the coming year

    In this rebroadcast of our most popular product webinar, we will review the Branching Minds MTSS platform’s reporting functionality to help those overseeing MTSS better understand the fidelity of their practice and the impact they have had on student outcomes.