Align With NYCDOE’s 4 Pillars of Building Trust Through a Strong MTSS Approach

     Empower your teams with the right suite to transition from RTI to the MTSS-I framework and implement it with fidelity 

     Enable process monitoring and fidelity of implementation across academic, attendance, behavioral, and social-emotional learning

     Foster a culture of data-driven decisions to support ALL students equitably

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    See how Branching Minds helps district partners in New York implement MTSS-I with consistency and in compliance with the DEO and BOCES guidance.

    A System-Level MTSS Platform and More…

    We are a team of seasoned educators, learning scientists and technologists with a proven track record of supporting hundreds of K-12 school districts. We are uniquely positioned as a district/school intervention management system to bring together all the aspects of MTSS to achieve fidelity, and make MTSS best practices practicable for both teachers and administrators. 

    Unify Your Siloed Teams, Centralize Fragmented Data, and Scaffold Best Practices For Your Teachers

    Teachers are constantly looking for a single centralized view of all the information they need to understand to be able to support their students.

    The BRM Student Overview provides educators with a comprehensive view of a student’s academic and behavioral progress, testing accommodations, IEP, 504 designations, and more, all on a single page. With one click, teachers can view the student’s benchmark data across subjects across time, all of the active and historical support plans, meeting logs, family communications, services, and supporting documents. They can also see snapshots of any active support plans that any of their colleagues are providing so they can start collaborating with colleagues working to support shared students. From this same page, teachers can also add benchmarks, document meetings, generate family communications, log services, create new support plans, and upload student work samples.


    Use SEL Data to Guide Decision-Making and Planning

    Branching Minds offers districts and schools access to a set of evidence-based social-emotional competency assessments. The Social-Emotional Competency Assessment (SECA), and the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA). Both assessments are grounded in resilience theory and are directly aligned with the CASEL framework. Also, BRM provides the ability to integrate data from several other SEL and Behavioral Health assessments. 

    Results are presented alongside academic assessments, intervention plans, behavior incidents, progress monitoring, and other documents and communications.


    School leaders report improved quality and consistency.
    Across all district partners, 91% of school leaders report that BRM has increased the consistency of their intervention practice, and 96% report that BRM has improved the quality of their intervention meetings.

    Get the Foundational and Infrastructural Support That Your Teams Need

    At Branching Minds, we pursue our mission by providing schools and school districts with engaging professional development that deepens educator practice and strengthens each component of the infrastructure needed to sustain a multi-tiered intervention system.

    With our Infrastructure and Foundations Series of professional services, we help you create the time and space for your district and school teams to reflect on “WHAT is MTSS?”, “WHY do we want to ‘practice’ MTSS?” and “HOW will we ‘practice’ MTSS?”. We support you and your teams in developing procedures, protocols, and communications that promote the implementation of the MTSS framework smoothly and consistently.

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