Find the Right Support Matched to Each Student’s Needs

    Understanding why a student is struggling is only helpful if teachers can then identify an intervention that has evidence for addressing the student’s specific learning needs. The Branching Minds Support Library and recommendation algorithm help make this level of personalization easy for teachers.


    The Branching Minds Support Library includes over 2000 evidence-based activities, strategies, tools, apps, and programs collected from the most trusted and respected hubs of evidence-based supports, including the Florida Center for Reading Research, What Works Clearinghouse, Evidence for ESSA, Intervention Central, the IRIS Center from Vanderbilt University, and Sanford Harmony. All of the supports have been reviewed by our team of learning scientists and sorted by ESSA guidelines for determining tiers of evidence. The supports include detailed descriptions to help teachers understand what each support is, why to use it, how to use it in alignment with the evidence, what the evidence is and provide them with any materials necessary to implement the support.

    Interventions Summary


    The Support Library is curated to identify the best resources for each learner (or group of learners) based on the student’s designated tier level, age, grade performance level, and English proficiency levels, as well as teacher inputs derived from Insights Surveys. It is also highly filterable so teachers can quickly find supports that match their instructional context or curricular needs, and customizable for each school or district. 

    No more searching for interventions. It's all right there!
    — Michelle Hastings, Kindergarten Teacher, Rowan-Salisbury Schools, NC

    Streamline the Creation of Effective Support Plans

    Branching Minds guides teachers through the creation of goals, progress monitoring and intervention plans using best practices. Depending on the level of support students need, the topic area, and the resources available at each school, the BRM planning tool will scaffold the design of a SMART goal, as well as the cadence of any selected progress monitoring assessment, intervention, and accommodation. All of these plan elements are then assignable to one or multiple educators to enable them to stay on top of their work so their colleagues can stay informed of student support and progress in real-time.


    Find the Best Evidence-based Interventions for Each Learner

    Intervention selection is easier with Branching Minds, because there is a “pre-curated” list of options to choose from. We know that the available options are evidence-based and actually available for my district, which streamlines the intervention process for teachers and leads to improved intervention quality.
    — Rike Frangos School Psychologist and RTI Coordinator, Oak Park Elementary School District 97 (IL)
    It's the most complete tool that a teacher could have!
    — Andreina Rodriguez Caldera, Middle School Teacher at Bryan ISD, TX