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    New York and San Antonio, TX (November 17, 2020) - aimswebPlus has a long track record of helping teachers assess student needs, identify appropriate learning goals, and measure students' progress toward those goals. Over the years, one of the most common requests from aimswebPlus users has been for additional support around helping students meet their goals.

    Branching Minds, as a leading MTSS/RTI solution, has a strong history of providing teachers with ways to leverage assessment data in order to identify the best interventions to use, guiding teachers through the process of creating effective intervention plans, and supporting collaborative problem-solving, documentation and reporting at every level of RTI/MTSS. However, for districts that lack valid and reliable assessment tools, teachers struggle to proactively identify which students need support and in what areas, and vary in their confidence when asked to set goals or determine student progress.

    This new technology integration is a non-exclusive partnership between aimswebPlus and Branching Minds. Once a data sharing agreement is signed by customers we enable a seamless data flow of goals and assessment data from aimswebPlus' assessment platform into Branching Minds' RTI/MTSS intervention management system. Teachers will now be able to leverage aimswebPlus data on the Branching Minds platform to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of their RTI/MTSS practice, saving teachers time and effort while improving student outcomes.

    RTI/MTSS is a systems-level practice that must be built upon a strong foundation. As part of this partnership, Branching Minds will also work closely with aimswebPlus' partners to assess their RTI/MTSS system-level health through the Branching Minds'Roots Report. The Roots Report is used by schools to evaluate and monitor their RTI/MTSS infrastructure. This report provides schools with a fidelity score within each of the seven pillars of effective intervention systems, as well as actionable steps to improve the intervention system's health..

    As part of this partnership launch, and to encourage school districts to reap the benefits of both leading solutions, Branching Minds and aimswebPlus are excited to provide special offers for a limited time. Customers of each platform can contact their representatives for further details.

    Contact my aimswebPlus Rep
    Contact my Branching Minds Rep

    This new partnership provides districts and schools with a one-stop, collaborative problem-solving RTI/MTSS solution. District and school leaders will finally be able to provide their teachers with an easy to use, comprehensive, intervention management system—that supports teachers to drive strong student outcomes across academics, behavior and SEL.

    “We are thrilled to partner with aimswebPlus to further support districts in their pursuit of achieving high fidelity RTI/MTSS.” said Maya Gat, CEO and founder of Branching Minds. “ Effective screening and progress monitoring with high-quality assessments is a critical part of an effective tiered support practice. We believe that the assessments aimswebPlus offers are best in class both in quality and ease of use. Through our partnership, districts can seamlessly integrate their aimswebPlus goals and assessments data on the Branching Minds platform in service of identifying who needs supports proactively, creating plans and reviewing student progress seamlessly, and gaining the necessary visibility into system-level health through new reports that support school and district leadership to ensure high fidelity RTI/MTSS practice at every level.”

    “Branching Mind’s mission is very similar to aimswebPlus’ mission, and connecting assessment with interventions is critical for educators. This is the first curriculum and intervention integration for aimswebPlus and we are excited to be working with Branching Minds. Together with our seamless data integration, we will enable data-driven decisions and empower teachers to support students every step of the way. “
    --Lorri Jensen, Senior Product Manager at Pearson.

    About Branching Minds Branching Minds works with schools and districts to streamline and personalize learning through an MTSS/RTI system solution that simplifies the best practices for educators.

    About aimswebPlus
    aimsweb®Plus from Pearson works with schools and districts to screen and monitor academic skills of students. aimswebPlus has optional screeners for behavior and dyslexia for a comprehensive system.

    For more information go to: http://www.branchingminds.com and http://www.pearsonassessments.com/campaign/aimswebplus-trial.html


    November 17, 2020

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