Branching Minds MTSS Summit -- December 8th, 2021

Branching Forward: Setting Intentions for MTSS in the New Year.

Improving system-level infrastructure is a critical first step to enhancing best practices across any school district’s RTI/MTSS practice. The Branching Minds Infrastructure Coaching Package provides school districts with the tools and professional development needed to advance their system to the next level.


The coaching package includes:

  • A comprehensive, baseline report of the assets
    and deficits of the intervention system at each school and across the district

  • Actionable and achievable recommendations
    for improvement for each area of need

  • Professional development and coaching to
    communicate the value of, and to create the
    systems for, implementing and continuing an
    effective RTI/MTSS practice

  • Expert guidance throughout the creation of an
    RTI/MTSS Handbook that records the district’s
    unique structures and protocols


The Branching Minds Infrastructure Coaching Series helps school and district leaders to streamline and improve their RTI/MTSS practice at the system-level, helping them to achieve consistent high-fidelity practice, build capacity for educators, and deliver positive outcomes
for all students.

Coaching Packages Include

Roots report

Roots Report

We will assess your current RTI/MTSS practice and
provide a report for each school, as well as supply a district-level aggregate report providing both fidelity scores and actionable improvement steps.

MTSS Handbook

For your district, guided by best practice
recommendations, collaboratively customized to
communicate your district’s mission, vision, values,
philosophies, processes and culture.
“Branching Minds provided us with models, examples, and ongoing professional development from wonderful coaches who have endeared themselves to our staff with their kind and compassionate demeanors, and have guided us in the creation of a working RTI/MTSS practice that meets our needs.”
— Dr. Donald Murphy, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and InstructionHauppauge UFSD (NY)

Onsite/Remote Coaching Plan

15 hours coaching, 6 hours editing, feedback

Pre-Work: Administering the Roots Reports

Prior to our first session, your BRM coach will provide all participants with pre-work that will help orient them to the work ahead. The coach will invite participants to complete the BRM Roots Report, an online fidelity survey which assesses school-level RTI/MTSS practice around the 7 critical components of effective intervention systems, as identified by leading academic and educational researchers.

  • Screening for at-risk students

  • Primary instruction/core curriculum

  • Intervention planning

  • Intervention implementation

  • Intervention progress monitoring

  • Systems and infrastructure
    Meeting quality

In some cases, survey data may require external validation by a BRM coach observing practice, which can be performed
virtually. Once this information is collected, BRM will compile
the results into Roots Reports that are then shared with
school and district leadership. The results are used to
understand the baseline RTI/MTSS practice and develop next
steps, including identifying relevant stakeholders needed to


“As Branching Minds assisted our district with the revamping of our MTSS process, one of the many positive changes included the implementation of SchoolLeadership Meetings. Our communication and conversations are focused, driven with hopes of understanding why students are struggling, and which interventions would best fit the needs of the student. As we continue to navigate through, the Branching Minds team is there every step of the way and we appreciate it!”
— Annette Harris, M.EdData Analysis CoordinatorPainesville City Local Schools (OH)

Session 1: Kickoff & Handbook Orientation

During this first session, the district RTI/MTSS committee (up to 25 people) reviews the results of the Roots Reports, discusses current processes, and sets initiative goals and priorities with keys for success. Participants will be introduced to the process and tools used to begin reviewing, editing and/or rewriting each relevant section of a MTSS Handbook.
Homework assignments will be given (~30 min).

Session 2: Handbook Working Groups

Work groups will be formed across grade levels bands in order to consider each section of the handbook and its application to elementary through high school. Groups will be tasked, section by section, to set expectations, protocols, responsibilities, and resources required to establish the MTSS practices desired by the district and community.
Homework will be assigned based on the needs of each group and will include collecting and incorporating input from other stakeholders into the recommendations for the district handbook resources, policies, and protocols.

Session 3: Handbook Working Groups (continued)

Work groups will continue dissecting sections of the handbook.

Session 4: Section Rewrite Groups

With information gathered from stakeholders, new groups will be formed based on expertise and relevance to each major section of the handbook. These groups will rewrite or edit the sample document to become the aspirational guide for educators, as MTSS becomes the culture for the district.
Homework assigned to complete and submit each handbook section. The BRM coach is available to each group as they continue to work on their assigned section(s).

Session 5: Review Handbook with District Leaders

Branching Minds will review the district handbook rewrite and provide feedback to district leaders.

Session 6: Creating an Implementation Plan

In this final session, the BRM coach helps the MTSS team to create a support plan for their staff. This includes setting goals for educators, determining measures of success, creating structures to support educator learning and practice, and creating a communication plan to sustain the effort over the first two years of implementation.


Additional Professional Learning Opportunities

Branching Minds (BRM) offers a variety of professional learning opportunities for states, districts, and schools to ensure instructional leaders, specialists, coaches, and teachers are able to implement RTI/MTSS and the BRM platform with fidelity and maximizes educators’ efforts to accelerate learning for all students.

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