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    MTSS Practice Interventions and Learning Supports' Strategies Branching Minds Platform

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    Middletown Public Schools


    State: Rhode Island | Type of School: Small | Students: 2,285

    Diversity: 75% White, 7% African American, 8% Hispanic, 2% Asian, 8% Other

    Free or reduced lunch: 37.4%

    Nothing stops a school initiative like a lack of teacher buy-in. After decades of churning through partnerships and initiatives, Middletown teachers were skeptical of something new. But with help from Branching Minds, Middletown schools found a way to establish a feasible Multi-Tiered System of Supports.

    Ron Dumais, Technology Educator in Middletown Schools, shared, 

    “I've been in this since No Child Left Behind got initiated, and we went through company after company trying to find something that would support us and be easy to implement. Every time we tried to come up with something better, for whatever reason, it didn't work out, and we have found our partner in Branching Minds.”


    Time-Consuming and Inconsistent Intervention Plans

    Middletown staff had reservations about MTSS due to the time the system required along with all the other demands on teachers. Gathering and putting all the data together from different systems was time-consuming and antiquated.  

    “When a teacher administered an assessment three times a year, to take that data and then to do something productive with it was quite a challenge.” 

    Creating consistent intervention plans for implementation was inefficient and time-consuming, not to mention tracking and monitoring all those plans!

    The other challenging area of MTSS was collaboration between staff about student needs. Without a common system for visibility into data and progress, staff struggled to work together to support students. 

    “One of the things that we quickly identified is to really make MTSS work as it should, you really need to have time for teachers to talk about students and come up with collaborative, best practice and intervention solutions for kids.”


    Best Practice Aligned Plans With Teacher Investment

    Since partnering with Branching Minds, Middletown has moved forward with its MTSS work in a more strategic and unified way.  

    A UNIFIED APPROACH: Middletown started by creating an MTSS handbook, a chance to reintroduce the staff to the core of MTSS and clearly lay out their processes. 

    “It gave us that reflection of where we are, where do we need to be, and how do we get there, because that provided us a vision of what we are really lacking in that common planning time, meeting time to discuss kids.”

    INVESTED TEACHERS: Now, teachers are more bought into the MTSS process.

    “When teachers overall get to see how easy they can access data on a kid, even if they're a science teacher, they're thrilled at how much simpler the process is, how much time they've saved. It certainly helps them to know their reading abilities and all of that, their social-emotional data, et cetera."

    IMPROVED INTERVENTION PLANS: Even better, the interventionists are excited about how the intervention plans have improved!

    “The plans we are creating are better regarding best practice. They're much more guided, they just make more sense, they're more smart, goal-driven, they're more doable.” 


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    So, just in the comparison itself with all the other programs that are on the market, Branching Minds honestly is the complete package. You have all of the intervention support and guidance. You have all of the capability of focusing your support library on exactly what you want it to be for your district. The amount of support that Branching Minds offers in itself really gets that ball rolling for the district. It really gives that expert backup and proactive guidance to set your MTSS framework up for success from the beginning.
    — Emma McBride, Multi-Tiered Systems Specialist, Beaumont ISD, TX

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