Park City School District

Park City School District

Park City, Utah
4,780 Students

I surprised at how much the teachers liked it, and the next question from them was, ‘I’m going to have this next year, right?’
— Jaclyn Knapp, Director of Special Education

Waco ISD

Waco, Texas
14,775 Students

We have students who were previously unsuccessful academically because of their behavior who are now achieving academic success.
— Trudy Bender, Coordinator, District Behavior Intervention


Evanston/Skokie District 65

Evanston, Illinois
7,922 Students

We needed a longitudinal system that could track students between multiple years so they didn’t fall between the cracks. We also needed something that allowed for collaboration... Branching Minds rose above that pack.
— Donna Cross, MTSS Coordinator, Evanston/Skokie District 65 (IL)


Bay Shore School District

Bay Shore, New York
5,842 Students

The conversations have completely shifted and the time is better used to improve the student outcome by focusing on the intervention plan and data.
— Donna Mandella, District RTI Coordinator


Poughkeepsie City School District

Poughkeepsie, New York

Branching minds is a fantastic tool for educators. It provides a common language and focus in designing an intervention that supports student growth.
— Michelle Carson, Teacher, Krieger Elementary


Oak Park School District 97

Oak Park, Illinois

Branching Minds is a dynamic program that offers all teachers and staff members to participate in supporting learners, both behaviorally and academically. For districts like ours that embrace teaching the whole child, BrM offers opportunities for all of us to take an active role in meeting the needs of our students, establish interventions, monitor these interventions, and hold ourselves accountable for working with our students.
— Laura Meglan, Reading Specialist, Lincoln Elementary


Fremont School District 72

Freemont, Illinois
2,230 Students

Your innovative approach personalizes and individualizes effective interventions to meet the needs of every child.
— Dr. Jill Gildea, Superintendent


New Teacher Center

Chicago, Illinois

Branching Minds provided a way to integrate learning science into my coaching practice. The platform helped my teacher and I identify crucial action steps for students they were struggling to support.
— Teaching Coach


Prince William County Schools

Prince William County, Virginia

For the first time ever, teachers feel empowered to provide the appropriate intervention for struggling students. They truly have a voice but not only that, Branching Minds brings that teacher collaboration to the forefront. As an elementary principal, I also love the fact that Branching Minds is linked to our current universal screener (MAP) and as a former special education teacher, I love the fact that Executive Function is one of the recognized domains that teachers can identify as an area of weakness. But mostly, there is teacher “buy in”. Fast buy in!
— Cindy Crowe-Miller, Principal, Dale City Elementary School
Branching Mind is a powerful tool in helping our intervention teams in Prince William County School System in meeting the needs of students requiring more intensive support. This is an excellent resource that is effective in helping the interventionists, classroom educators, and administrators work smarter not harder! We are so glad to be able to use this tool.
— Rebecca Yellets, Supervisor of Specialized Intervention, Dale City Elementary School


Spring Branch ISD

Houston, Texas

As our team became more proficient with supporting students individual needs, it became clear that we needed a better way to keep track of how we intervene with students and also more tools on how to intervene and why. Branching Minds provides so much more than just a solution to our problem. Branching Minds has illuminated a path forward for developing the foundational systems and processes we need to truly personalize supports for our students. In addition, Branching Minds multiplies our capacity to identify and respond to student needs.
— Sarah Guerrero, Principal, Northbrook Middle School


Woodbridge Township School District

Woodbridge, New Jersey

Hearing about what other teachers are doing to help the student gives me a new perspective.
— Frieda Olvesen, Math Teacher, Colonia Middle School


Clarke County School District

Athens, Georgia

The insight survey is particularly useful in directing behavioral conversations in a productive manner.
— Scott Emard, District RTI Coordinator
Branching Minds has streamlined the RTI process in my school building. Teachers, administration, and supportive staff are able to access data and other information in a central location. The to-do lists are helpful and keep progress monitoring a priority. The visual graphs are helpful when presenting data to parents and stakeholders.
— Jamie Caraway, Speech-Language Pathologist, Fowler Elementary
This is an extremely easy platform to use! This is my fourth year entering RTI data into a computer and each year has been different. This platform by far is the easiest to enter and look for growth/results for my students in RTI.
— Kathryn Layfield, Teacher, Early Learning Center
Branching minds is a great way to organize information and make available to all teachers.
— Cardolyn Dykes, Teacher, Oglethorpe Elementary
Meetings go a great deal faster!
— Cheryl Mattox, Teacher, Howard B Stroud Elementary
Love the instant feedback from other teachers in different situations
— Nathan Kull, Teacher, Fairview Park City Schools, Giles Sweet Elementary
Great organizational program!
— Amy Hill, Assistant Principal, Timothy Road Elementary
It is very easy to send out the surveys and for all teachers to see and input data.
— Melissa Albano, Teacher, Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary


Rowan-Salisbury School District

Rowan County, North Carolina

I think that Branching Minds helps to streamline the intervention and progress monitoring process therefore helping to facilitate the Individual Problem Solving Team in being a more effective team.
— Barb Ward, School Counselor, Landis Elementary
As a teacher with a thousand things to do at one time, having that checklist is a huge life-saver.
— Joshua Stewart, Teacher, Corriher-Lipe Middle School
No more searching for interventions. It’s all right there!
— Michelle Hastings, Kindergarten Teacher, Woodleaf Elementary
The program is very teacher friendly and it is very supportive to find interventions for any struggling student.
— Gretchen Brown, Teacher, China Grove Elementary School
The goals definitely give you the opportunity to fully consider every aspect of the student. It streamlines information and creates a platform for conversation that truly gives you data that you can use to assess a student. Our guidance counselor does an exceptional job of taking notes and Branching Minds gives us the opportunity to get all of the information we need.
— Jennifer Brazee, Teacher, North Rowan Middle School
There is a good variety of supports to choose from and it is great to see what everyone is doing.
— Jaime Pacilio, Math Teacher, North Rowan Middle School
I like how I get constant reminders on my email. As well, it is satisfying to know when my “to do” list is complete. The “to do” list is a great idea. I like when my “to do” list is all complete! It has given me more time to plan effective lesson plans.
— Michael McConnell, Teacher, Woodleaf Elementary


Mineola Union Free School District

Mineola, New York

It has made information sharing easy and consistent.
— Stephanie Cosola, Reading Teacher, Meadow Drive Elementary
It’s a good way for multiple professionals to answer similar questions about a specific student that is seen in different settings.
— Damaris Ramirez, Teacher, Jackson Avenue Elementary School