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    The Impact of MTSS on School Culture

    Thursday, April 15, 2021
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    Time displayed above is EST - The webinar will be available everywhere via Zoom

    School climate and culture is an overarching term used to describe students’ and educators’ experience in a school. According to the US Department of Education, a positive school culture fosters safety, promotes a positive academic, disciplinary and physical environment, and encourages trusting and caring relationships between adults and students. Positive school culture is related to higher rates of attendance, graduation and achievement.

    We believe that in order for students to learn, both adults and students must feel safe and cared for. Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) can be used to increase educator capacity in building a stronger school culture, and to clearly organize interventions into three tiers that support educators and students.

    Based on this belief, we are hosting this session that will feature school districts who have used the transition to MTSS as the impetus to reframe their districts' teaching and learning culture. We will explore and discuss...

    • their considerations in choosing a pathway
    • their overall process
    • some wins, struggles and surprises along the way

    Our featured presenters are:

    • Denise Flavin, Director of Curriculum & Instruction at Burbank School District 111, IL 
    • Shwkar Abousweilem, Principal of Liberty Junior High School, at Burbank School District 111, IL 
    • Laurel Dickson, MTSS Director at Richardson ISD, TX
    • Pharah Hogan, Principal of Richland Elementary at Richardson ISD, TX


    Burbank School District 111 - Richardson ISD Texas

    Questions and experiences may be submitted during the session via chat.

    This webinar will benefit district and school-level leaders, as well as those considering expanding from RTI to MTSS.