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    2020 has been a doozy and I’m pretty sure I won’t be alone celebrating the new year of 2021 with a capital C. That being said this Thanksgiving, I, and the entire Branching Minds team, have a ton for which to be grateful. 

    We are grateful for the essential workers, who have never faltered to take care of our health, or deliver our mail, or serve us food, or stock our grocery shelves, or protect our communities, or educate our children!  

    We are grateful for all of our Branching Minds partners who have persevered through the obstacle course of distance learning, contact tracing, quarantining, zoom bombing, and so much more with so much dedication, patience, and love.

    We are grateful for all of the families who became co teachers this year, juggling their work while supporting their child’s remote learning needs.

    We are grateful for every person we met with, who offered us grace when one of our own children barged into a virtual meeting with you.

    We are grateful that throughout these times of prolonged crisis, we all found ways to support each other, to laugh together, and to forever seek out that silver lining. 

    Please stay safe this holiday season. We can’t wait to stay on this journey with you!

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    Branching Minds is a highly respected K-12 services and technology company that leverages the learning sciences and technology to help districts effectively personalize learning through enhancements to their RTI/MTSS practice. Having worked with hundreds of districts across the country, we bring deep expertise in learning sciences, data management and analysis, software design, coaching, and collaboration. Combined with our extensive toolkit of resources, PD, and technology, we provide a system-level solution. We are more than a service or a software provider, we are partners who will deliver sustainable results for educators, and a path to success for every learner. 

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    November 25, 2020

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