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     Empower your teams with the right technology to implement MTSS with fidelity

    Increase reading and math proficiencies for your ELL population 

    Identify gaps and assign the right intervention without the guesswork

    Holmes District School Board
    Okeechoobee, FL-
    Island Village Montessori
    School Board of Levy County

    See how Branching Minds supports districts in Florida to implement MTSS with consistency and fidelity, in support of the whole child.

    A System-Level MTSS Platform and More…

    We are a team of seasoned educators, learning scientists and technologists with a proven track record of supporting hundreds of K-12 school districts. We are uniquely positioned as a district/school intervention management system to bring together all the aspects of MTSS to achieve fidelity, and make MTSS best practices practicable for both teachers and administrators. 

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    Gain a comprehensive understanding of students’ strengths and challenges. Identify gaps and target interventions.

    Branching Minds Insight Survey is the ultimate tool for educators seeking to help students succeed in reading, writing, and math. Gain a full understanding of each student's strengths and challenges, including academic, cognitive, behavioral and life skills. With data-driven insights, you can provide targeted interventions tailored to meet the specific needs of each student, including English Language Learners. The results guide discussions during MTSS team problem-solving meetings and can be used to recommend appropriate supports for each learner.

    Request a demo of our platform and experience the power of data-driven decision-making in an MTSS framework

    insight survey

    Find the Right Intervention — Without the Guesswork

    Branching Minds library of supports includes hundreds of evidence-based intervention programs, so that if your school or district has purchased those resources they can be added to the student’s intervention plan on Branching Minds, as well as nearly a thousand free evidence-based strategies, activities, and resources that can be added to a student’s intervention plan to support their learning.


    Identify Which Students Are at Risk for Not Graduating

    BRM provides you with an Early Warning System that uses student attendance, behavior citations, and course failures to identify students who are at risk of not graduating high school. This report allows educators to quickly identify students with increased risk and take actions to help support them. Administrators can also easily generate a report at any time to gain a comprehensive view of how many students are at risk of not graduating, and whether there are significant differences based on demographics.


    Get All Your Data in One Place

    In order to make MTSS as efficient as possible, we work to break down the silos of your assessment systems by ingesting the data you need and presenting it back to you in the way you need it.

    We ingest data from most of the commonly used assessment tools in Florida, including the Florida State Assessment FAST, iReady, STAR, Dibels, and more.

    How a Florida School Streamlined MTSS

    Learn how Island Village Montessori streamlined MTSS by utilizing visual data reports and a library of interventions with Branching Minds' MTSS Platform.

    Request a demo below for more information on how the Branching Minds platform can specifically support your district initiatives.

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