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    How to Create an MTSS Team to Guide Your MTSS Practice

    Join Branching Minds for a one-hour webinar on creating a school-based MTSS team to guide your MTSS practice. This webinar is hosted by two MTSS consultants from the Branching Minds’ professional service team—Dr. Valerie Parsons & Effie Niederbrach—and will provide a breakdown of roles and responsibilities needed when creating an MTSS team. 

    A school-based MTSS team is a key problem-solving team that creates the engine that drives the MTSS system. These teams are created by leadership to ensure that all processes and resources are aligned to create a strong system of MTSS.  

    About this webinar:

    During this webinar, you will learn a brief overview of MTSS, what is a school-site MTSS team and why this team is essential, and what roles and responsibilities create a successful MTSS team.

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    About the presenters:

    About Dr. Valerie Parsons:

    Valerie has been in education for 26 years including 6 years as a teacher in elementary and middle school and 5 years as an instructional coach in the areas of Reading, English Language Development, RTI, and MTSS. Dr. Parsons started her journey as an educational administrator 15 years ago as a coordinator at the district office in professional learning, curriculum and instruction, and health education. For the past 8 years, she has served as an Assistant Principal and Principal where she worked in Title I schools and developed systems and structures for an MTSS framework that showed growth in student achievement. Dr. Parsons analyzed data for her dissertation from pre-existing data before and after the implementation of her MTSS framework. The data showed statistically significant results in Reading achievement. Dr. Parsons is dedicated to helping districts and schools achieve success in student learning by building systems and structures that support an effective MTSS framework.  She believes the effective use of data, through Branching Minds’ technology, supports the work of teachers and administrators to make learning equitable for ALL students.

    About Effie Niederbrach:

    Effie Niederbrach is a former classroom teacher and building administrator, serving schools and districts in public and private settings in several states and abroad for over 15 years. She truly enjoys making teachers’ lives easier so that they can confidently serve ALL of their students. From running data teams as a teacher leader in the early 2000s, to co-creating an MTSS framework for an entire school system, she has seen the powerful results of collaborative data collection and analysis amongst educators in the form of significant student gains and overall better schools for all stakeholders.