The Impact of MTSS on School Culture

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    The Impact of MTSS on School Culture


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    Interested in learning how Branching Minds can help you take your MTSS practice to the next level?


    Branching Minds is an MTSS/RTI system-level education platform that brings together innovative, easy to use technology with the latest insights from the learning sciences to help drive student and school success, while making teachers and administrators work easier and more effective. Branching Minds connects data, systems, interventions, and stakeholders so that educators, administrators, and families can work better together to support students' holistic needs. 

    The Branching Minds platform helps educators to:

    ✅  Proactively identify struggling students and define their needs
    ✅  Curate the right learning support from our robust library of 2000s of evidence-based strategies, interventions and accommodations (across academics, behavior and SEL K-12)
    ✅  Scaffold collaborative intervention plans guided by best practices
    ✅  Support flexible grouping and group plan creation
    ✅  Monitor students’ progress and responses to interventions
    ✅  Promote a whole child lens by connecting the dots across academic subjects, behavior and SEL for teachers, specialists, and families
    ✅  Get the necessary data for data-driven decision
    ✅  Streamline the documentation of all aspects of the RTI/MTSS
    ✅  Improve transparency around and consistency of family communications
    ✅  Enable school and district leaders to understand RTI/MTSS system-level health

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