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    Building Math Fluency Through Flexible Grouping [Free Workshop]

    Thursday, May 09, 2024
    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    1 PM ET / 12 PM CT / 10 AM PT

    In this dynamic workshop, we will delve into the strategies and techniques for building math fluency among elementary students through the effective use of flexible grouping.

    We will explore how flexible grouping can be leveraged to create targeted and differentiated math instruction, allowing educators to meet the diverse needs of their students. Through practical examples and insights, participants will learn how to implement flexible grouping models that promote collaboration, engagement, and accelerated math fluency development in the classroom.


    Learning Objectives: 

    • Understand the concept of flexible grouping and its role in fostering math fluency among elementary students.
    • Explore differentiated instruction strategies within flexible grouping frameworks to address individual student learning needs and accelerate math fluency development.
    • Learn how to create collaborative learning environments through flexible grouping that promote peer learning and support.
    • Gain insights into assessing and monitoring math fluency progress within flexible grouping structures.
    • Identify best practices for implementing and sustaining flexible grouping models to build sustained math fluency gains in elementary classrooms.


    Note: Certificates of attendance were emailed to registered live attendees who attended 45 minutes or more of this webinar. We are unable to issue certificates of attendance to those who watch the webinar on demand (i.e., after it takes place live).


    The presenters:

    Natasha Ortega, Hamline Elem, CPS


    Natasha Ortega
    Principal, John H Hamline Elementary School, Chicago Public Schools

    Principal Ortega began her passion for teaching at the age of 6, lining up her dolls and playing school with them with her best friend, Sarah. After graduating from college, she moved to Chicago and began teaching 1st grade on the far south side of the city in Altgeld Gardens. After serving this community for two years, she transitioned to the west side of the city, North Lawndale, where she taught first and second grade and developed a passion for teacher-leadership. She then decided to go back to school full time and received her second Masters in Education Leadership. She then served as a Resident Principal for a year before transitioning to Hamline During her time at Hamline, Principal Ortega has served in various roles, from Case Manager and Assistant Principal, to substitute science teacher during remote learning. Principal Ortega has proudly served as the Principal of Hamline Elementary since May 2023.

    When not at Hamline, Principal Ortega loves traveling the world with her life partner, Andrew (they have visited over 30 countries together), reading books (she has always had her nose stuck in a book since she was very little) and going to the gym.

    Vanessa Williams-Johnson


    Vanessa Williams-Johnson
    Illinois Account Executive, BlueStreak Math

    Vanessa Williams Johnson is a former school principal of 19 years with Chicago Public Schools. Currently, she is the founding and lead consultant for Core Teaching and Learning LLC and an Illinois Account Executive for BlueStreak Math.

    Her education career as an administrator and teacher spans 34 years and under her leadership, she was able to transform her school from underperforming to a high performing school under the district’s accountability rating system. Vanessa and her teachers were laser focused on creating a data driven environment which propelled students to success in student growth achievement. She was also recognized by the district’s administration as a 2024 Game Changer as an exemplary school leader.

    Vanessa is a New Orleans native and is an alumna of Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelors in Middle Grades Education. She also holds a Masters degree in Administration and Supervision from Saint Xavier University.


    Trudy Bender - Headshot-4


    Trudy Bender
    Senior Manager of Thought Leadership Content, Branching Minds

    Trudy Bender is the Senior Manager of Thought Leadership Content at Branching Minds. She has extensive experience as a teacher, school psychologist, and district administrator. She previously served as the Coordinator of District Behavior Intervention for Waco ISD, where she led the district in reducing exclusionary discipline and disproportionality. She facilitated the implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Behavior, including initiatives to improve school climate and universal behavior supports, provide effective Tier 2 and Tier 3 behavior intervention programs, and coordinate wrap-around services and transitional support for students in alternative disciplinary settings. Trudy built a multi-year sequence of teacher training in classroom management, behavior intervention, and peer coaching to help build capacity and address teacher turnover. Trudy is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.