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    Universal Screening and Equitable MTSS with Branching Minds [Live Demo]

    Wednesday, August 09, 2023
    3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
    3 PM ET / 2 PM CT / 12 PM PT

    Years of data and research reveal inequities within education that continue to persist, yet we know that, every day, educators like you are striving - perhaps sometimes struggling - toward more equitable educational environments and outcomes. So what kinds of practices really move the needle on equity in K-12 education?

    Using a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) can help address inequities by ensuring ALL students are supported with the resources they need to overcome barriers to success. In an equity-based MTSS practice, universal screening assessments help to systematically identify  students at risk for not meeting grade-level expectations. The process by which the appropriate level of tiered support is identified for students directly impacts an equity-based foundation for their education.

    Join Branching Minds for a conversation about best practices for universal screening and equitably identifying tier level of support in MTSS, along with a live demo of our MTSS platform, including:

    ➡️  How Branching Minds helps to centralize universal screener data, making it visible and actionable for both teachers and administrators

    How Branching Minds can help ensure that student tier recommendations are equitably and systematically applied across your district or school

    How Branching Minds facilitates the quick and easy creation of support plans and progress monitoring for groups of students with shared needs

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    Please note: We do not issue certificates of attendance for our live platform demos. Those who attended this demo on August 9 did not receive a certificate of attendance.

    Meet the presenters:

    Emily rose - blue

    Emily-Rose Barry
    VP of Product, Branching Minds

    Emily-Rose is the VP of Product at Branching Minds. She has worked in Education Technology in roles overseeing Product and Customer Success for the past ten years. Before joining the world of agile software development, she taught reading and writing at every level from early childhood to college, administered special programs for an adult literacy nonprofit, and published short fiction and poetry as a freelance writer. She is a co-founder of ProductTank Buffalo, a local community for networking and professional development.

    Eva blue

    Dr. Eva Dundas
    Chief Academic Officer, Branching Minds

    Dr. Eva Dundas is the Chief Academic Officer at Branching Minds, where she pursues her mission to bridge the gap between the science of learning and education practice. Dr. Dundas has a Ph.D. in developmental and cognitive psychology from Carnegie Mellon University where she conducted research on how the brain develops when children acquire visual expertise for words and faces. Her research also explores how the relationship between neural systems (specifically language and visual processing) unfolds over development, and how those dynamics differ with neurodevelopmental disorders like dyslexia and autism. She has published articles on that subject in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuropsychologia, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, and Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Dr. Dundas also has an M.Ed. in mind, brain, and education from Harvard University, and a B.S. in neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh.