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    Instituting MTSS MTSS Assessment Data Branching Minds Platform

    Ever spend your lunch break scrambling to find the data you need or to document the work you’ve already completed? For teachers everywhere, time is the resource they need most but never have enough of. One major time drain is the endless data collection and analysis required to plan and track student interventions. For administrators looking to lighten this load, Branching Minds offers a game-changing solution that saves teachers time and helps them focus more on what they love—teaching!

    5 Things That Save Time For Teachers

    1. Simplified Data Collection

    Teachers often go from platform to platform to gather information about student performance. Branching Minds does this work for you by pulling data from student information systems, assessment platforms, behavior reporting programs, and other sources into a single, teacher-friendly interface​​.

    From Christine Downing, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Plainfield, NH:

    “I think the fact that it's all in one place has made teachers' lives easier.  I can go into Branching Minds to get my data. I don't have to log into a state system to get my data. I can get the state reporting right in Branching Minds. I log into a system, I pull up my kid. I can look at behaviors, I can look at progress in English, in reading and writing and math.  So I think having it all contained in one place has made it very efficient for them.” 

    🖥️ Watch our webinar Big Bad Data to help address those educator data concerns.

    2. Reduced Cognitive Load with Visual Data Analysis 

    branching-minds-platform-student-overview-page-frameEven when you have the data in one place, how do you know what is important?  Well-designed visual data helps teachers quickly grasp student progress and identify areas of concern, saving time and making it easy to communicate during meetings and with families.

    Jodee Nelson, Title 1 Coordinator and K-3 Reading Interventionist, Lincoln County Schools #2, WY says this about using Branching Minds: 

    "Everything is in one place. So any documentation that needs to be done is there, all the math data, all the reading data, and then it's also where they put their parent communication. Teachers also know what's important and what's not because we've decided that through Branching Minds. It's helped us streamline what things are important and what things we're looking at. And the other things are secondary.”​​

    📕 Read more about Lincoln County's Success Story

    3. Better, Faster Meetings

    Most teachers say they would love to spend less time in meetings, according to a survey done by Edweek.

    Branching Minds streamlines preparation so that discussions are data-driven​​. The Insight Survey allows teachers to input their observations and concerns before meetings, and data visualizations highlight trends and priorities. 

    Sarah Cannon, Intervention Data Specialist, Lake Norman Charter, NC:

    “The insight surveys have been very time-saving because we don't have to have the back-and-forth emails and then figure out where you left off and where you need to keep adding in. They have saved a lot of time and also given a lot of recognition to where all the needs actually lie and helping all of the teachers recognize everyone is a part of MTSS, not just math and reading.” 

    Meetings with Branching Minds are focused on effective problem-solving and action, not just talk!

    ➡️ Check out our MTSS Meetings Guide

    4. Clear Steps for Intervention

    Browser_GoalPMModalBranching Minds eliminates confusion by providing clear, step-by-step guidance for setting up intervention plans. The platform scaffolds teachers to create SMART goals, choose appropriate evidence-based interventions, and monitor progress effectively​​​​.

    By standardizing the intervention process, Branching Minds helps teachers follow best practices in the real-world conditions of their busy classrooms. And that means better outcomes for students! 

    ➡️ Dig into intervention with our MTSS Interview Process Flowchart

    5. Facilitated Collaboration and Communication

    Effective collaboration among teachers, administrators, and families is crucial for student success. Branching Minds supports this collaboration by making it easy to share information and communicate progress. Teachers can generate and share student intervention reports, progress charts, and family communication letters directly from the platform, saving time that would otherwise be spent on manual documentation​​.

    Jeanine Kidwell, Elementary Principal, Libby Schools, MT:

    "The family communication and the meeting documentation piece have been very beneficial, especially to those kiddos who have specific behavior safety plans. You just know where to go to find the documentation. It helps me to see if parent phone calls have been made and what's the response. It just helps to keep that information transparent. It's just there. The collaborative nature of the platform has been the most beneficial for our work."

    💡Here are 5 MTSS Collaboration Tips


    Branching Minds transforms how teachers work and helps them focus on what they do best—teaching and supporting their students. 

    Make every teacher minute count
    with Branching Minds! Learn More:


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