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    Today March 26th, 2021 is International #SELDay. International SEL Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the importance of social-emotional learning, and leveraging the power of it as we prepare to reopen our schools and renew our communities.

    To celebrate International SEL Day, our team curated a list of some of the most popular and useful resources. We hope you’ll find insights and practicable ideas.


    Blog articles:

    📄Student Engagement: Why it’s Important and How to Promote it

    📄Four Tips for Improving Social-Emotional Learning

    📄5 Evidence-Based SEL Supports for Learning at Home

    📄Top 10 Used Behavioral Strategies in 2020

    📄3 Takeaways from CASEL’s New Definition of SEL

    📄Avoiding Common Mistakes When Implementing SEL (edutopia)


    💻Best Practices for Assessing Students' Social Emotional Competencies within an MTSS Framework

    💻Best Practices for Behavior Progress Monitoring in MTSS

    💻Using SEL Programs and Assessments within an MTSS Framework

    💻Using Social-Emotional Learning Programs within MTSS


    Academic resources and research:

    🔍Supporting School Community Wellness with SEL During and After A Pandemic

    🔍How to Achieve High-Quality SEL Program Implementation: What the Research Says

    🔍Classroom racial/ethnic diversity and upper elementary children’s social-emotional development




    💫Children Full of Life Documentary (A wonderful example of teacher and classroom that embodies SEL)


    SEL for teachers:

    💕The Importance of Teacher Self-Care


    Interested in Learning How to Support the Whole Child with Branching Minds?

    Branching Minds makes MTSS easy, efficient, and effective by bringing together all of the components of MTSS so teachers can collaboratively problem-solve and support all students’ holistic needs. Our system-level solution helps schools improve students’ outcomes across academics, behavior, and SEL equitably.

    Our platform supports teachers with Behavior and SEL in the following ways:

    ✅Assessing SEL Needs with the DESSA
    ✅ Understand Students Perception of their Own SEL Competence with the SECA
    ✅ Leveraging SEL Screeners for Tiering
    ✅ More effective problem-solving
    ✅ Finding the Right Evidence-based Interventions & Accommodations for Each Learner
    ✅ Creating Intervention Plans and Monitoring Daily & Weekly Progress in Behavior/SEL
    ✅ Logging & Monitoring Behavior Incidents
    ✅ Pattern Matching Behavior Incidents Across Groups

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