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    Branching Minds is an MTSS/RTI system-level education platform that brings together innovative, easy to use technology with the latest insights from the learning sciences to help drive student and school success, while making teachers and administrators work easier and more effective. Branching Minds connects data, systems, interventions, and stakeholders so that educators, administrators, and families can work better together to support students' holistic needs. 

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    Branching Minds provides so much more than just a solution to our problem. Branching Minds has illuminated a path forward for developing the foundational systems and processes we need to truly personalize supports for our students. In addition, Branching Minds multiplies our capacity to identify and respond to student needs.
    — Sarah Guerrero, Principal, Northbrook Middle School, Spring Branch ISD (TX)
    System level solution


    Student data from Student Information System
    Ingest student rostering data and additional info supportive for whole child picture (at risk indicators, attendance concerns, and more)

    Academic, Behavior and SEL Assessments
    Ingest external universal screeners, benchmarks, and progress monitors, and provides behavior progress monitors, behavior incident tracking, and the SECA SEL assessment

    Targeted Teacher Observations
    Collect insights from teachers based on learning science to understand students strengths and challenges across academic, behavior, cognitive and SEL needs

    RTI/MTSS Best Practices
    Guide teachers and administrators through best practice workflows that support collaborative problem solving at the systems, groups and individual student level.


    Figure out who needs supports—and why
    Help educators tier based on data, and collect teacher observations based on academic, cognitive, SEL and behavioral needs to inform who needs support and why, proactively

    Find the right interventions and create plans
    The most comprehensive and instructive library of evidence-based learning supports of any MTSS platform. Our supports include hundreds of paid evidence-based intervention programs, as well as nearly a thousand free evidence-based strategies, activities, and resources curated based on student need for academics, behavior and SEL to help teachers match interventions to students’ needs.

    Easily document work and monitor progress
    Generate automated to-do lists for each educator, and present graphs that support problem-solving, while monitoring both fidelity and progress.

    Streamline family communication and documentation
    Templated family communications, student intervention and behavior incident reports, as well as and communication, meeting, and supporting document archives.

    Quickly understand system health and fidelity
    Capture RTI/MTSS infrastructure benchmarking, and generate tier movement reports, benchmark reports, family communication reports, intervention usage reports, and more.


    Improved student outcomes in academics, behavior and SEL
    Students supported on BrM experienced an average of 5 percentile points reading gains, while students not supported decreased an average of .3 percentile points over 1.5 years. t(137) = 2.2, p = .028, d = .38


    More equitable outcomes for students
    Educators have the data to be able to make unbiased, student focused decisions and admins gain visibility into who is receiving support across subgroups; minority students supported on BrM see a significantly higher rate of growth.

    Save teachers time and effort
    Teachers find streamlined documentation and ability to automate data ingestion from multiple sources improves the efficiency of preparing for problem-solving meetings

    Streamline communication and collaboration
    Insights across all domains enable users to work together and learn from each other when supporting shared students; and easily keep each other and families updated on progress

    High fidelity RTI/MTSS practice
    Scaffolded best-practice enables educators to improve the quality of their practice, while fidelity and infrastructure reports allow administrators to understand drive towards system health

    Effective and efficient problem-solving conversations
    Data visualizations, collaborative input, and holistic student view, improves the quality of the problem-solving conversation during meetings

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