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    About this webinar:

    Join the Branching Minds’ Professional Service team for an hour-long webinar on creating a vision of MTSS and effectively communicating this vision with staff to improve MTSS implementation. 

    One of the key first steps in Kotter’s 8-Step Change Theory is to create a strategic vision that is universally understood by all stakeholders. This same process applies to districts as they implement or revise their system of MTSS. All stakeholders across the district need to have a clear understanding from the start of the year as to what is the goal of MTSS, what their responsibility is in achieving this goal, and how this goal will impact their school and students. 

    During this webinar, you will learn what is a vision of MTSS and why a vision is important, how to effectively communicate a vision of MTSS with all stakeholders, and how to continuously communicate this vision to guide MTSS implementation throughout the year.

    About the presenter:

    Karen Castle:

    Karen is the Executive Director of Professional Learning at Branching Minds, where she leads a team of education consultants to provide guidance and support to schools and districts, as they implement Branching Minds and improve their MTSS practice. Prior to Branching Minds, Karen spent 12 years building a national professional development program for Amplify Education, a leading company in the education technology space. Prior to her work in the edtech space, Karen served as curriculum director, principal, and teacher for several school districts in the North Texas area for 23 years. Karen holds an M.Ed. from the University of North Texas and a Superintendent’s Certification from the University of Texas at Arlington.