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    Are you a millennial holding tight to your skinny jeans, not quite ready to embrace the new trends? Or maybe you are on the opposite side of the spectrum, grabbing tape to try The Ceiling Challenge for yourself! A quick social media scroll will show that new trends and old classics are popping up daily, and K-12 education is no exception. Take a look at our list of MTSS “Ins” and “Outs” for 2024!

    What's In & What's Out for MTSS in 2024

    ❌ What’s Out

    ✅ What’s In

    Drowning in data 

    Relevant, visual data reporting

    Building staff culture through jeans day and free pizza 

    Building staff culture through collective leadership

    Behavior and SEL in silos

    Collaborating to support the whole child 

    Admiring the problem during meetings

    Data-driven meeting structures

    Long staff meetings after school

    Virtual and/or recorded staff meetings 

    Sit and get PD from a slide deck

    Options and variety in professional learning: Microlearning, virtual/asynchronous learning, peer-led sessions, coaching 

    Accountability without the right resources or support

    State and district leaders that align initiatives and provide practical tools 

    Tracking student growth on spreadsheets

    Tracking growth on Branching Minds!

    The Trends That We Love

      Relevant, Visual Data Reporting

    More isn’t always better, especially when it comes to understanding student progress! When we cast an overly broad net of data without a clear plan, we find ourselves strapped for time and resources. The “just right” amount of data provides clarity and clear next steps when presented in an understandable format. Using organized visuals to display data allows for quicker and more consistent decision-making within any meeting.  

    💡Related Resource: Professional Learning Series - Seize the [MTSS] Data!

    branching-minds-mtss-platform-rti-software (3)-min (2)

    Did you know? The Branching Minds MTSS platform partners with student information and assessment providers to break down silos and provide teachers with one place to see across all critical data sets. Learn more >>

    Data-Driven Meeting Structures

    It’s easy to “admire the problem” rather than move to solutions when we gather to discuss student needs, but the last thing we need is to slow down the collaborative work and waste precious time. Design meetings that are solution-focused by developing team norms and following a problem-solving protocol to uncover the WHY and get to the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and HOW.

    💡Download the MTSS Meetings Guide to keep your meetings on track.


    Did you know? The Branching Minds Insight Survey helps you streamline collaboration and proactively gather input ahead of time so that all stakeholders have a shared language and understanding when discussing the student’s learning profile. Learn more >>

    Professional Development That Gets Results

    Let's face it— professional development sessions often have a bad reputation. You know the drill: long, irrelevant presentations; endless slides; and the struggle to keep your eyes open. Adult learning shouldn’t be an unbearable experience for your staff! Provide options and opportunities such as personalized, bite-sized, focused content that fits busy schedules; virtual options that can be completed at one’s own pace; and in-person coaching that meets teachers where they are. Then, professional learning becomes accessible, engaging, and impactful for educators who already have their plates full to the brim.

    💡Check out our Adult Learning Toolkit for more tips to elevate your Professional Learning.

    branching-minds-mtss-professional-developmentDid you know? At Branching Minds, our Professional Learning team works closely with partners to craft customized professional development solutions that align with their specific needs. Plus, we provide a virtual training hub along with in-person and online learning, letting educators progress at their own pace. Learn more >>


    As we wave goodbye to outdated ideas and support best practices in MTSS for 2024, let’s focus on continuous improvement —it’s about making things work seamlessly for everyone involved.

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