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    Give Teachers More Time to Teach with Branching Minds

    Instituting MTSS, MTSS Assessment Data, Branching Minds Platform

    Ever spend your lunch break scrambling to find the data you need or to document the work you’ve already completed? For teachers everywhere, time is the resource they need most but never have enough of. One major time drain is the endless data collection and analysis required to plan and track student interventions. For administrators looking to lighten this load, Branching Minds offers a game-changing solution that saves teachers time and helps them focus more on what they love—teaching!

    Your MTSS Platform Data Implementation Made Easy with Branching Minds

    Instituting MTSS, MTSS Assessment Data, Branching Minds Platform

    "I've done this a lot with a lot of different platforms, but you guys are really top-notch. And I'm a band director, so I don't give compliments often so you know I mean it!"

    - Matt Hawkes, Tech Director, Cloverleaf Local Schools, OH

    Standards-Based Grading and MTSS: A Perfect Match

    MTSS Practice, Tier 1 - Core Instruction, MTSS Assessment Data

    During a parent-teacher conference, as I was explaining a child's assessment scores and grades, the parent interrupted me in confusion.  “I don’t understand. They have an A in your class but can barely write a sentence, and their reading score isn’t that high.” As a young teacher, I stumbled through my answer, realizing that the way that we weighted grades meant that the work that students did in class was graded based on completion and re-takes. These grades often did not align with the results of the standardized assessments we gave. I knew at that moment that my grade book needed a revamp to reflect mastering the standards for the grade level.

    Top Education Trends: What’s In and What’s Out in MTSS for 2024

    MTSS Practice, MTSS Data Literacy, MTSS Assessment Data

    Are you a millennial holding tight to your skinny jeans, not quite ready to embrace the new trends? Or maybe you are on the opposite side of the spectrum, grabbing tape to try The Ceiling Challenge for yourself! A quick social media scroll will show that new trends and old classics are popping up daily, and K-12 education is no exception. Take a look at our list of MTSS “Ins” and “Outs” for 2024!

    Diagnostics, Screeners, & Progress Monitors, Oh My! Assessments and Their Uses Within MTSS

    MTSS Practice, MTSS Basics, MTSS Data Literacy, MTSS Assessment Data

    Do you ever find yourself trying to make sense of all the assessments your students are expected to take, only to end up with more questions (and maybe a headache)? When should they take the assessments? Are they for ALL students or only SOME students? Which teachers can administer them? Which students need testing accommodations, and which accommodations do they need? 

    Progress Monitoring for MTSS at the Secondary Level

    MTSS Assessment Data, MTSS for Secondary

    As a professional development consultant for Branching Minds, I work with teachers and administrators from all over the country. I frequently get asked how progress monitoring should look at the middle school and high school levels.

    Data Interoperability in MTSS: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

    Instituting MTSS, MTSS Data Literacy, MTSS Assessment Data

    I’m Sorry, Data What? 

    Educators are juggling an astonishing number of software platforms to help accomplish the goal of better instruction and student outcomes. When data cannot be easily shared between these platforms, teachers and administrators end up looking in multiple places for the data they need, or, even worse, duplicating their efforts as they try to support their students. Enter DATA INTEROPERABILITY. 

    Data interoperability refers to the ability of different computer systems to connect and exchange information with one another, in either implementation or accessibility, without restriction. (1)(5)  Schools need to align their data practices and create standards that enable better connectivity around the suite of products and tools they use. The data interoperability framework provides the context for identifying and debating interoperability issues to make integration within this complex system easier. (2)

    End-of-Year Reflection and Planning With MTSS: Connect the Dots With Branching Minds

    MTSS Assessment Data, Branching Minds Platform

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) supports academic, social-emotional, and behavioral development for all students. The ultimate goal of MTSS is to use data to drive decision-making and improve outcomes for all students. To ensure that students receive the best support possible, it's important to assess their progress throughout the year and report the data to all relevant stakeholders.

    What Are MTSS Assessments in High School, and Why Are They Important?

    MTSS Practice, MTSS Data Literacy, MTSS Assessment Data, MTSS for Secondary

    One of the most challenging parts of my work as a High School Administrator was coaching my teachers and staff on the importance of making decisions based on assessment data. During my initial one-on-one meetings with my teachers and staff, I would ask them, “What assessment data are you using to drive your decision-making and instruction to meet the needs of your students? Most times, I would get a blank stare, or as my nephew says, I would hear crickets. Other times I would receive a response like this: “I did not need a test to tell me; I just know my students.”

    The MTSS 6-Week Intervention Check-In - Webinar Recap

    MTSS Practice, MTSS Assessment Data, Interventions and Learning Supports' Strategies
    “A defining feature of MTSS is the continuous improvement driven by data. Teams collect and analyze data to diagnose problems or gaps and select strategies to address these challenges.”